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Crypto remote job is now becoming an option for professionals as the ravaging effect and exploits of coronavirus is no longer news. 

The virus has managed to eat deep into top countries and now calling for a change in how the world should operate owing to its adverse effects. The virus is gradually changing the working order making remote crypto jobs an option as people work remotely instead of going to offices to get things done.

Hike in the number of enthusiasts and users

The virus also has forced several people who have lost their jobs to hunt online for new jobs, hence making crypto remote jobs an option. With this new order and a possible hike in the number of crypto workers, it is safe to say cryptocurrencies are now going to see a hike in the number of enthusiasts and users who soon would begin to transact, invest, pay and earn in crypto.

Recent studies have shown that the number of people who work from home has hiked by 400% since 2010. The United States also accounts for about 3.4 percent of its workforce working remotely for half of their working hour.

As coronavirus continues to emphasize working from home, it is good to note that the list of crypto remote jobs are endless, e.g., web developers, blockchain expert, writers, graphics and video editor, UX/UI designer, etc. as they are tuned to needs of people, however, getting the jobs could remain a problem as platforms, where these demands are put, are not generally known.

This article features a few of many sites freelancers where crypto remote jobs are made available for professionals to sign-up.

Sites crypto remote jobs made available


Coinality is a crypto remote job aggregator site. The site collates work opportunities from several available job listing sites these jobs are available. Coinality offers fiat paid jobs, too, as workers who choose to get paid in crypto to have options of agreeing to terms to get paid in the coin of their choices.

Crypto Jobs

This site deals primarily with blockchain-focused projects with different expertise needed, like project managers to senior blockchain engineers. Employers post full time, and part-time jobs as job terms with a list of required skills come alongside job post to get the right professionals.


This freelance platform provides crypto remote job and pays exclusively in ETH and runs on Ethereum blockchain. ETHlance makes use of smart contracts to facilitate escrow between each party. This allows each party to get some sense of security, without relying on a trusted third party.


This site is primarily dedicated to providing jobs that pay in BTC. It remains one of the most active freelance platforms with over 25,000 registered members. The site also provides jobs outside crypto works with demand for skills like lawyers to virtual assistants.

Other platforms that provide similar services to these listed sites are crypto-job, crypto-careers, etc.

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