Crypto knowledge takes center stage in 2024 US presidential election poll


  • The US ramps up crypto regulation due to fraud and investor concerns.
  • SEC acts against crypto fraud; Congress mulls consumer protection laws.
  • Treasury pushes for transparency, and global cooperation is needed for crypto rules.

In a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Grayscale Investments, the role of cryptocurrency knowledge among US presidential candidates in the upcoming 2024 election has come into focus. 

Approximately 73% of the 2,090 adults polled believe presidential candidates should be well-informed about innovative technologies, including cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI). The survey, conducted online from November 27 to 29, sheds light on the growing relevance of cryptocurrency and its potential impact on voter sentiment.

Presidential candidates must understand innovative technology

According to The Harris Poll, a substantial majority of respondents, 73% to be precise, expressed the view that US presidential candidates should possess an informed perspective on innovative technologies such as AI and cryptocurrency. 

This sentiment reflects the increasing importance of technology in modern society and its potential implications for the nation’s future.

While some presidential candidates, notably Republican Vivek Ramaswamy, have already made digital assets a central theme of their campaigns, the survey suggests that cryptocurrency may not become a mainstream debate topic until nominees are officially selected. 

As of the time of the survey, it appeared that the Democratic frontrunner and incumbent President Joe Biden could face off against Republican frontrunner and former President Donald Trump, pending the resolution of various legal challenges faced by the latter.

Inflation concerns drive interest in crypto

The Grayscale poll revealed that a significant portion of respondents saw cryptocurrency as relevant to the 2024 elections, with 26% indicating that inflation is the most pressing problem in the country at present. 

Importantly, nearly 40% of those familiar with cryptocurrency expressed increased interest in owning Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and the current economic climate. In contrast, roughly the same percentage of respondents unfamiliar with crypto expressed reduced interest.

Grayscale Investments noted, “In the past, inflation and other economic concerns have generated interest in investing in assets like Bitcoin.” This suggests that Bitcoin is increasingly perceived as a macroeconomic asset that can store value and protect against inflation. 

However, the poll also highlighted the need for additional education to help a broader audience understand nascent technologies like Bitcoin for greater mainstream adoption.

Early indicators: New Hampshire’s presidential primary

In January, New Hampshire is set to hold one of the first primaries for the 2024 US presidential election. Pollsters and political pundits highly anticipate this event as it provides an initial glimpse into how the election may unfold later in the year on November 5. 

Notably, the Stand With Crypto campaign hosted a presidential forum in New Hampshire on December 4. However, only three candidates attended, all considered longshots for their respective parties’ nominations.

As one of the early events in the election cycle, the New Hampshire primary offers an opportunity for candidates to gauge voter sentiment, particularly on issues like cryptocurrency. 

While it remains to be seen how deeply cryptocurrency will be integrated into the election discourse, the Grayscale poll suggests that a substantial portion of the electorate places importance on candidates’ understanding of innovative technology, including digital assets.

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