Crypto ETFs at risk from SEC’s regulatory approach, BitMEX claims


  • BitMEX, a major crypto exchange, expresses significant concerns about the SEC’s approach to regulating crypto ETFs, emphasizing potential efficiency losses.
  • Financial lawyer Scott Johnsson highlights the SEC’s reluctance to approve in-kind creation or redemption for digital assets, posing new investor risks.
  • Venture capitalist Nic Carter points out that the SEC’s insistence on cash transactions could increase costs and inefficiencies in crypto ETFs.

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency sector, prominent figures have raised concerns about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approach to crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Scott Johnsson, a renowned U.S. financial lawyer, Nic Carter, a respected venture capitalist, and BitMEX, a major crypto exchange, have expressed apprehensions regarding the SEC’s regulatory framework, specifically its impact on the efficiency of crypto ETFs.

Johnsson has drawn attention to the SEC’s hesitancy in approving amendments allowing the in-kind creation or redemption of digital assets. He argues that this reluctance leads to a paradox where the SEC’s efforts to ensure compliance and investor protection could inadvertently introduce new risks to investors by fostering less secure products. This concern resonates with the industry’s broader anxiety about the SEC’s regulatory direction.

Impact on crypto ETFs and market dynamics

Venture capitalist Nic Carter has echoed these concerns, focusing on the practical implications of the SEC’s stance. He points out that the insistence on cash transactions rather than in-kind mechanisms, could reduce the efficiency of crypto ETFs. This inefficiency may manifest as increased costs for creating and redeeming shares, potentially leading to tracking errors or higher expense ratios for these financial products.

Similarly, BitMEX has highlighted the essential role of authorized participants (APs) in the traditional ETF mechanism, which relies heavily on in-kind creations and redemptions to maintain efficiency. The SEC’s preference for cash transactions instead of in-kind methods could strip away these crucial benefits. This shift could limit competition and effectiveness in the ETF structure, ultimately impacting the broader market.

Market reaction and future outlook

The crypto market has recently been buoyed by the anticipation of a Bitcoin Spot ETF approval, with investors expecting a significant influx into the crypto market following this development. However, the concerns raised by experts like Johnsson and Carter cast a shadow over this optimism, highlighting the potential challenges that the SEC’s regulatory approach might pose to the effectiveness and security of these financial products.

As the crypto industry navigates these regulatory complexities, the apprehensions voiced by legal experts, venture capitalists, and major exchanges underscore the potential challenges ETFs may face. The industry and investors are closely monitoring how these regulatory dynamics will shape the future of digital asset investment, with the SEC’s role in fostering or hindering innovation being a point of keen interest.

The recent discussions and concerns by key industry figures underline the delicate balance the SEC must strike in regulating the burgeoning crypto ETF market. While the intent to protect investors and ensure compliance is clear, the methods employed and their potential repercussions on market efficiency and security remain contentious. As the landscape evolves, the crypto community and regulatory bodies grapple with finding a mutually beneficial path forward.

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