The crypto community is very angry with Vanguard right now

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  • Vanguard faces backlash for not offering new Bitcoin ETFs, aligning with its conservative investment stance.
  • The #BoycottVanguard movement gains traction on social media, with users threatening to withdraw investments.
  • The ecompany’s decision contrasts with peers like BlackRock and Fidelity, who have embraced Bitcoin ETFs.

In the dynamic world of finance, decisions made by influential players can send ripples across the industry, causing reactions ranging from applause to outrage. In the latest twist, the crypto community is up in arms against Vanguard, a titan in the asset management world, for its unwavering conservative stance towards cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin ETFs (exchange-traded funds). This posture starkly echoes the sentiments of its late founder, Jack Bogle, who in 2017 famously advised steering clear of Bitcoin.

Vanguard’s Unyielding Stance Sparks Outrage

The recent launch of fully-fledged Bitcoin ETFs in the US, a milestone moment for the crypto world, was met with a cold shoulder by Vanguard, triggering a fiery backlash. The company’s deliberate choice not to include these new ETFs on its trading platform has sparked the hashtag #BoycottVanguard. It’s become a digital battleground where thousands of posts are echoing the community’s disappointment and threats to withdraw their investments from the company.

Doubling down on its position, Vanguard, with a colossal $8.6 trillion under its management, has gone beyond just snubbing Bitcoin-spot products. It has also withdrawn futures-backed Bitcoin funds from its platform, a move that leaves the firm with no crypto offerings. This decision starkly contrasts with its competitors and sheds light on Vanguard’s deep-rooted investment philosophy, a legacy of its founder Bogle. The company, since its inception in 1975, has focused on traditional assets like stocks and bonds, steering clear of commodities, including cryptocurrency.

Industry Fallout and Resolute Philosophy

The controversy isn’t just a storm in a teacup. Vanguard’s rejection of crypto stands in stark contrast to its industry peers like BlackRock Inc., Fidelity, and Invesco Ltd., who have all launched their own Bitcoin ETFs. Meanwhile, Franklin Templeton has aggressively marketed its Bitcoin fund, even adopting the ‘laser-eyes’ meme for its social media avatar, a popular symbol amongst Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The online backlash has been fierce. Social media platforms are abuzz with criticism and calls for action against Vanguard. Posts with thousands of likes express disillusionment with the firm, with investors sharing their plans to shift their funds to more crypto-friendly platforms. The sentiment is clear: the crypto community is frustrated with what they perceive as gatekeeping by traditional financial institutions.

Yet, despite this uproar, industry experts like Dave Nadig believe that the boycott movement will barely scratch Vanguard’s massive business. The company’s steady inflow of cash to its ETFs is a testament to its enduring appeal. With a unique corporate structure and a reputation for low fees, Vanguard has cultivated a loyal customer base. Even as it faces the ire of the crypto community, Vanguard continues to grow its share in the $8 trillion ETF market, inching closer to dethroning BlackRock, the industry leader.

The saga highlights the ongoing tension between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency. Vanguard’s approach, rooted in a philosophy of intrinsic value and steady returns, clashes with the volatile yet potentially lucrative nature of cryptocurrencies. The company’s firm stance, while drawing the disdain of the crypto community, reflects its commitment to a long-standing investment doctrine, one that has withstood various market trends and upheavals.

Despite the outrage and threats of a boycott, Vanguard’s position seems unshaken. The company’s refusal to engage with crypto ETFs, while potentially alienating younger investors keen on digital assets, is a calculated risk. It’s a risk that Vanguard, with its decades-long track record and unwavering commitment to its founding principles, appears willing to take.

Vanguard’s decision to stand its ground is a bold move. It’s a move that not only challenges the status quo but also tests the loyalty of its customer base. As the crypto community continues to express its displeasure, only time will tell whether this episode will be a mere blip in Vanguard’s storied history or a turning point in its relationship with a new generation of investors.

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