Comedian Bill Murray loses $186,000 to hackers

Bill Murray
TL;DR Breakdown
  • Bill Murray hacked for $186,000
  • The actor lost an equivalent of 119 Ethereum
  • The actor is working with authorities to recover the asset

American comedian Bill Murray has announced that hackers have breached his wallet and stolen more than $180,000 worth of Ethereum. According to the complete information, the actor recently held an NFT auction in which most of the recouped funds were in the said wallet. The statement showed that the hacker drained 90% of the entire funds in the wallet, leaving just a little over $500 in the wake of the act.

Bill Murray lost 119 Ethereum

According to several news sources, Bill Murray announced that at the time of the theft, the entire Ethereum in the wallet was slightly above 119. In the statement by the comedian’s team, it noted that the actor noticed the balance change in the wallet around 7 pm yesterday. In data from DappRadar, the wallet was said to have contained the funds, including several NFTs belonging to the actor. Asides from Ethereum, a massive amount of his portfolio has been decimated in the wake of the attack. New activity tracked on the wallet shows that the comedian’s team was able to remove about 10 other NFTs from Bill Murray’s wallet after it was compromised.

The actor is working with law enforcement to recover the assets

The charity owned and managed by Bill Murray himself sold a collection from his Bill Murray 1000 NFT put on auction. The collection was hosted on Coinbase, with the platform’s marketplace helping the comedian sell the asset. The hacker’s identity is still unknown as on-chain data has shown that the stolen assets were sent to a crypto exchange. The funds recouped in the auction were already destined for donation at the Chivas Charity.

However, new information has noted that the second highest bidder in the auction announced a donation of more than 120 Ethereum, which has been sent to the said charity. The report does not yet cover how the malicious actor was able to breach and steal the funds from the comedian’s wallet. However, his team has contacted the police and has noted that they are working hand in hand with them to uncover the identity of the bad actor.

Asides from that, it is also talking to Chainalysis, an on-chain analysis company, to help them uncover the stolen funds. Bill Murray is one in a long list of high-profile digital asset holders that have been hit with an attack in the last few weeks. Fellow actor Seth Green saw his wallet breached as hackers took his BAYC NFT. He has since been sent the NFT after he paid the hacker some cash.

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