Huobi announces USDT 2M trading contest to celebrate ETH 2.0

TL;DR Breakdown
  • Huobi Global has announced a contest in the celebration of ETH 2.0.
  • The contest will bring mega prize pools to the participants.
  • The prize for the winners will be USDT 2 million, with individual prizes up to USDT 50K.

Huobi Global is a leading crypto trading platform that is run by Huobi Group. The said platform has announced the launch of the Huobi Trading Contest. The contest has been arranged to celebrate the much-anticipated Ethereum merge. The contest is also there to promote the newly launched program Prime membership. Thus, cryptocurrency traders who participate in this contest will also benefit from Prime membership.

The membership program from this platform offers tiered benefits to the traders. These tiers are based on the level of the traders. The traders participating in the contest will pit against each other for ten days, deciding the ultimate winners.

Here is a brief overview of the Huobi global contest and how interested readers can participate.

Announcement of the global trading contest from Huobi

Huobi Global has announced that the global trading contest will start on 5 September and end on 15 September. During these ten days, the platform will track the trading volumes of the traders and rank them accordingly. Those on the top lists will be put on the public leaderboard. Those who have performed the best will be able to get their part of the 2 million USDT prize pool.

The top traders will be able to win about 50,000 USDT in the form of individual prizes. The management of the platform has planned to group traders into three groups. These include Beginner Trader, Talented Trader, and Master Trader. These will be based on the Prime membership levels. However, the membership level can change based on the trading volumes throughout the contest.

As said above, the contest will celebrate the Ethereum transition to Ethereum 2.0. As Ethereum’s transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake takes place, it will enhance user scaling issues and accelerate transaction speeds. Thus, traders and platforms like Huobi will get more benefits from the merge.

The platform announced that if the traders trade Ethereum and other specific tokens, their trading volume will be multiplied by an unknown variable. Thus, they will be able to get increased chances of winning prizes.

How to participate in it?

The process for participation in this contest is quite simple. Contestants will be allocated specific spots and futures trading volume, and those who fulfill the requirements will be eligible for the prize pool. As mentioned above, there are certain tokens, including Ethereum, whose users will get extra benefits.

The Prime level of the contestants will be updated every day, and those whose Prime level has changed will be assigned another group. Those contestants whose intra-day spot reaches 200 USDT or futures trading reaches 5,000 USDT will be considered eligible for the chance to win Goodluck prizes.

There are some exclusions for the participants. These include market makers who are not eligible for the trading contest. Sub-accounts can’t participate directly in the Huobi contest. The trading volume of the specified trading pairs will be considered for the rankings. Some countries’ local regulatory policies don’t allow it.

So the contest won’t be available in Venezuela, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Japan, Canada, USA, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR (futures trading), UK (futures trading by retail traders), Spain, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand. The participants can view their rewards in the My Rewards section three business days after the event ends.


Huobi Global has announced a trading contest for interested traders. Those with Prime membership will be able to participate in this contest. The contest is being arranged to celebrate the transition of Ethereum to Ethereum 2.0. The contest will bring a total of 2 million USDT rewards to the participants, while the individual reward can be up to 50,000 USDT.

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