Coinbase bold announcement: End of support for Bitcoin SV by January 9

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  • Coinbase is ending support for Bitcoin SV (BSV), requiring users to withdraw their BSV by January 9 or have their holdings automatically converted to another cryptocurrency, potentially incurring extra fees and taxes.
  • Despite Coinbase’s announcement signaling a significant shift away from BSV, the cryptocurrency has experienced a slight increase in market value and trading volume, reflecting the unpredictable nature of crypto markets.





The premier cryptocurrency exchange in the United States has issued a final call to its users concerning the support of Bitcoin SV (BSV). In a decisive move, the exchange has set January 9 as the deadline for users to withdraw their Bitcoin SV holdings. The ultimatum follows the delisting of Bitcoin SV from the platform in 2021 and represents a significant pivot in Coinbase’s cryptocurrency offerings.

Coinbase urgent notice to BSV holders

In a recent communication with its customers, Coinbase underscored the urgency for holders of Bitcoin SV to transfer their assets out of their Coinbase wallets. The exchange has made it clear that any BSV remaining after the January 9 deadline will be subject to liquidation. This action entails converting the remaining Bitcoin SV into another digital asset supported by Coinbase at the market value at the time of conversion. Such a step could potentially incur additional costs for users, including conversion fees and potential tax liabilities.

The company’s official correspondence places the onus on users to ensure that they move their Bitcoin SV holdings in time. Failure to do so will leave them subject to the aforementioned charges and the reality of having their holdings converted without direct input on the matter. Coinbase’s announcement marks a significant moment for users with investments in Bitcoin SV and adds a layer of urgency for action.

A retrospective on BSV’s troubled past

Coinbase first delisted Bitcoin SV in 2021, following a series of events that raised questions about the cryptocurrency’s viability. The decision came on the heels of Craig Wright’s loss in a legal battle over the Bitcoin copyright, where Wright — who claims to be the founder of Bitcoin SV — was defeated. The loss in court was a blow to the credibility of Bitcoin SV and led to the delisting of the token from major exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance.

Additionally, Coinbase cited multiple 51% attacks against the Bitcoin SV network in 2021. These attacks allowed malicious actors to commandeer the majority of the network’s hash rate, which in turn enabled them to manipulate the blockchain‘s transaction history. These security vulnerabilities greatly undermined investor and trader confidence in Bitcoin SV, precipitating a drop in its value and market standing. With the recent announcement, Coinbase is looking to close the chapter on Bitcoin SV for good, cementing the platform’s distancing from a cryptocurrency that has had more than its fair share of controversies.

Bitcoin SV’s market reaction and future outlook

Despite the news from Coinbase, Bitcoin SV experienced a slight increase in value, with a 1.45% gain in the last 24 hours, bringing its trading price to $49.73. Experts suggest that the uptick may be linked to broader market sentiments, which have been tentatively positive. Alongside the price gain, Bitcoin SV saw a 22.56% rise in trading volume, amounting to $51.69 million, and its market capitalization experienced a 1.49% increase to $958.73 million.

The market’s response, albeit modestly positive in the short term, does not overshadow the long-term implications of Coinbase’s announcement. The severing of ties with Coinbase may lead to decreased liquidity and trading options for Bitcoin SV, casting uncertainty on its future performance.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the fate of Bitcoin SV hangs in the balance. With the January 9 deadline for withdrawal looming, all eyes will be on the digital asset’s performance and the actions of its holders. Coinbase’s move to end support for Bitcoin SV.


Coinbase’s cessation of Bitcoin SV support underscores the crypto market’s instability. Users must act to protect their assets or risk automatic liquidation. Despite a minor market uptick for BSV, the full effect of Coinbase’s move is unclear. The outcome will be crucial for BSV’s market position as the industry prioritizes security and trust in determining a digital asset’s success.

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