BSV Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will Bitcoin SV Hit $100 Soon?

Key takeaways

  • Current Bitcoin SV price prediction suggests that the coin’s price can increase by 30% which will take it to the $47.79 level by end of 2024.
  • By 2027, BSV may potentially achieve a peak price of $152.63 with an average price of $129.68.
  • In 2030, the target price for BSV is between $407.52 and $474.60, with an average price of $421.61.

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), a cryptocurrency that emerged from a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash in November 2018, which itself was a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain, represents a unique facet of the evolving landscape of digital currencies. BSV’s approach to scalability, a critical aspect of blockchain technology, is primarily focused on increasing block size. This method, similar to that of Bitcoin Cash, allows for more transactions per block, theoretically enhancing transaction throughput.

The recent rallying of Bitcoin forks, including BCH, BSV, and XEC, raised questions about the sustainability and organic nature of these gains. Nevertheless, BSV continues to find support within a segment of the cryptocurrency community, particularly among those who value its adherence to Nakamoto’s original vision and its focus on scalability.

Is BSV the token of the future? Let’s get into the details.


CryptocurrencyBitcoin Satoshi’s Vision
Market Cap$710,573,196
Trading Volume$34,067,001
Circulating Supply19,726,122 BSV
All-time High$489.75 Apr 16, 2021
All-time Low$21.43 Jun 10, 2023
24-hour High$37.31
24-hour Low$33.37

BSV price prediction: Technical analysis

50-Day SMA 53.41
100-Day SMA 63.53
Fear & Greed28 (Fear)
Green Days 11/30 (37%)

BSV price analysis: BSV value seeks recovery above $36.1177 amidst upside

TL;DR Breakdown

  • BSV price analysis suggests an uptrend.
  • Coin value has spiked up to $36.1177.
  • Support is being provided at $34.775 end.

The daily as well as the hourly BSV price analysis for 8 July, 2024 indicates signs of a growing bullish trend. The price movements have been constantly fluctuating this week as both the sellers and the buyers are trying to secure their lead. However, in the past 24-hours, the bulls successfully made a comeback. The coin value has climbed up to $36.1177 high because of the upward swing in the past 24-hours. If the bullish sentiment remains the same, further hike in coin value can be expected soon.

BSV/USDT price analysis 1-day chart: Bullish strike results in swift hike past $36.1177 hurdle

The daily BSV price analysis confirms a bullish scenario regarding the ongoing market events. Although the bears took over the market yesterday as a result of the downward swing, today the market trends remained different. The buying activity has resumed since the past 24-hours, as a strong uptrend has been recorded. The coin value has received a substantial recovery up to $36.1177 high as a result of the bullish retrieval. If we discuss the Moving Average (MA) indicator, then its value has experienced a sufficient decline. The indicator’s overall value has dropped down to $39.5606 because of the constant decline in price in the past week.

The volatility is expanding quite rapidly, which is a bearish signal for the coming market events. The upper band of the Bollinger bands indicator has shifted to $49.885 high, thereby suggesting the high resistance for the cryptocurrency. Side by side, the lower Bollinger band has moved to $34.7747 as a consequence of the rising volatility. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator confirms the upturn in price today. Its value has increased up to index 31.19, thus now in the stable region with a sharp ascending curve on the graph.

BSV price analysis 4-hour chart: Upward swing intensifies growth beyond $36.1290 border

The hourly BSV price analysis suggestive of an aggravating upward momentum. The bulls have been ruling the market since the early part of the day. That is because the buying pressure is constantly rising leading to further recovery for the cryptocurrency. Overall, the coin value has improved up to $36.1290 high amidst the ongoing bullish spike. If we discuss the Moving Average indicator, then its curve is on the descending side. Its value has been reduced to $35.736 as a result of the massive bearish slide since yesterday.

The four-hour price chart dictates a declining volatility, which is a bullish signal for the cryptocurrency. The upper and lower values of the Bollinger bands indicator have changed as a result of the decreasing shift in volatility. Currently, the upper Bollinger band is situated at $37.654 high, suggesting the resistance threshold. Whereas, the lower Bollinger band dictates its value at $33.641. The RSI graph displays a sharp bullish curve because of the latest upturn. Its value has moved up to index 44.38 high as a consequence of the bullish side.

BSV technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average

PeriodValue ($)Action
SMA 3 39.33SELL
SMA 5 38.16SELL
SMA 10 41.17SELL
SMA 21 44.20SELL
SMA 50 53.41SELL
SMA 100 63.53SELL
SMA 200 71.80SELL

Daily exponential moving average

EMA 3 42.94SELL
EMA 5 43.71SELL
EMA 10 44.91SELL
EMA 21 48.11SELL
EMA 50 55.22SELL
EMA 100 62.44SELL
EMA 200 64.67SELL

What to expect from BSV price analysis

The daily as well as the hourly BSV price analysis confirms a highly bullish scenario regarding the ongoing market events. The bulls are on the winning side once again as the upward momentum remained quite intense today. Overall, the coin value has achieved a recovery up to $36.1177 as a consequence of the rising bullish activity. If we discuss the four-hour price analysis, then it confirms an upturn in the past few hours of the day as well.

Is BSV a good investment?

Investing in BSV necessitates an evaluation of the Bitcoin SV market and its emphasis on scalability, which seeks to optimize transaction processing and minimize associated fees. Despite the potential utility and adoption benefits that BSV presents, investors are advised to exercise caution on account of regulatory uncertainties and market volatility. Earnings from BSV require long-term investment decisions whether holding or trading, but in this dynamic market, risk management is primarily achieved through diversification and keeping abreast of developments. However it is expected that BSV/USD will reach $0.5058 by 2030.

Why is BSV down?

The BSV/USD crypto pair price has spiked today as the buying influx has abruptly taken over the market, surging the price to $36.11. The bulls are targeting the resistance of 37.31 next, but overall, the coin’s value has decreased significantly over the past week, especially since the July 4 depreciation has impacted the coin’s value negatively.

Will BSV recover? 

Bitcoin SV is dipping over the short term; nevertheless, the decrease in rice levels is gradual, with bullish periods in between. The price action is nothing unusual in the crypto market, and there are equal chances of a price reversal in the upward direction.

Will BSV reach $100?

BSV will have to surpass quite a few crucial resistance levels to reach $100. With a prolonged bearish trend and BSV’s current price action, it is not easy but still possible for BSV to reclaim the $100 mark by the end of 2026.

Will BSV reach $200?

Per Cryptopolitan price prediction, BSV has chances of reaching $200 in the next four years. It is expected that the Bitcoin SV will reach $200 by the end of 2028.

Will BSV reach $500?

To reach $500, BSV’s value will have to increase ninefold. Though not impossible, Cryptopolitan expects a lower chance of reaching this level within the next five years.

Does BSV have a good long-term future?

BSV is expected to increase in value gradually over the coming years. Currently, the coin is trading at the lowest level of the last nine months; however, it is expected to reach $474 by 2030, which makes it a valuable asset for multiple gains.

Recent news/opinions on Bitcoin SV

  • Xiaohui Liu, CEO of sCrypt, gave an overview of BSV blockchain smart contracts using the TypeScript framework, emphasising self-executing digital agreements and their significant use cases.

BSV price prediction July 2024

In July 2024, BSV could reach a maximum price of $47.50. The average trading price is expected to be $36.40 for the month, while the lowest it can go according to the analysis is $31.10.

BSV price predictionMinimum priceAverage priceMaximum price
BSV price prediction June 2024$31.10$36.40 $47.50

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2024

Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2024 suggests that the cryptocurrency is expected to reach a maximum price of $47.79. We anticipate a minimum price of $40.90 and an average trading price of $42.69.

BSV price predictionMinimum priceAverage priceMaximum price
BSV price prediction 2024$40.90 $42.69$47.79

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2025-2033

YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2025

According to Cryptopolitan’s Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2025, BSV price is expected to reach a maximum price of $72.50. Bitcoin BSV price can reach a minimum of $60.93, with an average value of $62.64.

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2026

BSV coin price prediction for 2026 indicates that BSV will achieve a maximum price of $103.82. The digital asset may reach an average price of $91.01 and a minimum price of $88.51.

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2027

Our Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2027 is a maximum price of $152.63 and an average price of $129.68. The minimum price expected for the year is $125.13.

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2028

According to Bitcoin SV forecast for 2028, BSV might reach a maximum value of $217.65. We anticipate a minimum trading price of $183.22 and an average price of $188.41.

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2029

Our Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2029 is a maximum price of $318.68. Our analysts project an average forecast price of $281.84 and a minimum price of $274.31.

Bitcoin SV price prediction 2030

Bitcoin SV price prediction for 2030 suggests that BSV may attain a maximum value of $474.60 and an average trading price of $421.61. We predict that the price of Bitcoin SV might trade at a minimum of $407.52.

BSV market price prediction: Analysts’ BSV price forecast

Firm Name20242025
Wallet Investor$47.10$69.32
Coincodex$ 31.13$ 51.77

Cryptopolitan’s BSV price prediction

Our forecast shows that BSV will achieve a high price of $47.79 near the end of 2024. In 2025, the BSV price will range between $60.93 and $72.50. In 2030, the cryptocurrency will range between $407.52 and $474.60, with an average price of $421.61. It is important to consider that the predictions can change at any time and are not investment advice. Professional consultation is suggested, or you can carry out your own research.

BSV historic price sentiment

  • Bitcoin SV (BSV) emerged from a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in November 2018. It initially traded below $100 before reaching an all-time high of around $255 in June 2019.
  • However, BSV experienced a significant decline to around $80 by December 2019.
  • In 2020, it recovered to reach levels above $300 in February but faced a drop due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Throughout 2021, BSV fluctuated between $150 and $300 for the most part but also reached an all-time high (ATH) of $491.64 on April 16.
  • BSV has been on a downward trend since the start of 2022, going from $125.49 to $39.80 in December 2022.
  • In 2023, Bitcoin SV (BSV) primarily traded between $40 and $50. However, it experienced a significant rise, reaching $94 on December 31.
  • Bitcoin SV’s price started 2024 at $95, surged to $115 on March 4, and plunged to $71 on March 21.
  • On April 1, 2024, BSV was priced at $95 again, but it came down to $60 by the end of the month. For most of May, BSV traded above $60.
  • BSV started a new wave of decline at the start of June and came down to the $40 range by mid-year. The price has further decreased, as at the time of writing on July 8, BSV is trading in the $36 range.


Will BSV increase in value?

Despite mining's centralization, project disputes, and fierce rivalry, the currency's potential for development should not be ignored. The project's success is determined by the project management's efforts and ideas and the general market mood.

Will BSV hit $1000?

If the market remains favorable in the coming years, the $1,000 mark may be attained.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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