Charles Hoskinson reiterates stance against XRP harassment

Charles Hoskinson

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  • Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has reiterated his critical stance toward the XRP community, labeling it as toxic and petty.
  • Hoskinson has consistently faced harassment from the XRP community for over two years, reinforcing his firm stance against them.
  • There is a clear lack of technical alignment and different market focuses between Cardano and Ripple, the company behind XRP.

Charles Hoskinson, the influential figure behind the Cardano blockchain, has once again voiced his critical views towards the XRP community. This stance is not new; about a year ago, Hoskinson made headlines with his direct critique of the XRP community, labelling it as “toxic and petty.” His dismissal of any potential collaboration or technical synergy between Cardano and Ripple, the company behind XRP, was explicit and firm. Despite Ripple’s David Schwartz attempting to mediate, Hoskinson’s position remained unchanged, responding with a curt “No comment.”

Charles Hoskinson confronts two-year XRP community harassment

In recent statements, Charles Hoskinson reiterated his views, emphasizing the consistent “harassment” he’s faced from the XRP community over two years. He pointed out the distinct lack of technical alignment between Cardano and XRP and their differing market focuses. Charles Hoskinson highlighted how projects like Tezos, Algorand, Polkadot, Ethereum, and Cardano are addressing similar challenges, unlike Ripple, which is tailored for a different purpose.

This ongoing conflict highlights the sometimes-contentious nature of the cryptocurrency community, where differing visions and technical approaches can lead to sharp divisions. Hoskinson’s unwavering stance against the XRP community underscores a broader narrative of discord within the crypto industry.

Addressing conspiracy theories and the need for fact-based discussions

Hoskinson also recently addressed the conspiracy theories circulating within the XRP community, particularly those aimed at Ethereum. He distinguished between rumours of Ethereum receiving preferential SEC treatment and the possibility of entities linked to Ethereum influencing the SEC’s decision against XRP. Hoskinson underscored the importance of factual, evidence-based discourse over baseless conjecture in his comments.

This call for a more grounded approach to the discussion within the cryptocurrency sector reflects a growing need for clarity and fact-based analysis in an industry often clouded by speculation and rumours. Hoskinson’s stance not only distances Cardano from the XRP community’s approach but also advocates for a more rational and evidence-driven dialogue in the broader crypto space.

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