Research for AI-Driven National Security Policy Starts in Turing’s CETaS


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  • Turing’s Centre for Emerging Technology and Security (CETaS) leads in AI-focused security research to help policy makers tackle risks and benefits of AI.
  • CETaS’s approach blends varied views, creating strategies that secure against AI threats while embracing its potential in defense, intelligence, and decision-making.
  • CETaS’s real-world impact includes an assessment framework endorsed by experts, showcasing its commitment to shaping effective policies in the AI-driven security landscape.

The Turing’s Centre for Emerging Technology and Security (CETaS) is at the forefront of informing national security policy, with a specific focus on navigating the challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). Launched in the summer of 2022, CETaS has swiftly established itself as a hub for cutting-edge research and multidisciplinary collaboration, aimed at enabling policy makers to effectively address the risks and opportunities presented by AI and other transformative technologies.

Mitigating risks in an AI-infused security environment

CETaS is strategically positioned to dissect and address the intricate interplay between national security and AI. Recognizing the ever-expanding role of AI, particularly large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, CETaS highlights the potential vulnerabilities they present. One noteworthy concern is the prospect of ‘prompt-hacking,’ whereby LLMs could be manipulated to generate malicious content. This threat is poised to grow as AI technologies further integrate into society. To counteract this, CETaS is diligently researching innovative solutions to safeguard against these potential security breaches.

Diverse perspectives and evidence-based recommendations

Central to CETaS’s approach is its commitment to multifaceted perspectives and evidence-based recommendations. By fostering a multidisciplinary environment, the center ensures a comprehensive understanding of AI’s security implications. Policymakers are provided with a range of insights to create effective strategies that both mitigate risks and harness AI’s advantages. CETaS’s emphasis on inclusivity and diversity extends to engaging stakeholders from various sectors, enabling a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by AI in national security.

Transformative AI applications for national security

AI, while presenting challenges, also offers transformative applications in bolstering national security. CETaS underscores AI’s potential in enhancing cyber defenses, automating software development, aiding intelligence analysis, and facilitating information synthesis for decision makers. This underscores the center’s commitment to striking a balance between security concerns and technological progress.

Real-world impact and collaborative engagements

CETaS’s impact is already tangible within the national security landscape. The center’s pioneering work led to the creation of an assessment framework that assesses the appropriateness of AI deployment by national security and law enforcement agencies. Praised as a significant contribution by independent reviewers, the framework demonstrates CETaS’s dedication to pragmatic solutions. The center’s collaborative endeavors extend beyond research, bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to facilitate dialogues on shared concerns. These interactions provide policymakers with valuable insights from a spectrum of perspectives, enriching policy decisions.

The path forward: innovation, inclusivity, and security

As the world navigates an era of profound technological transformation, CETaS remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and security. Its ongoing projects, including comprehensive studies on generative AI systems, future biometric technologies, and effective communication of AI-enriched intelligence, exemplify the center’s dedication to staying at the forefront of AI-driven national security research. CETaS’s approach not only addresses immediate security challenges but also paves the way for a future where emerging technologies are harnessed responsibly.

CETaS is a beacon of expertise, guiding policy makers, researchers, and practitioners through the complex landscape of AI and its impact on national security. With a focus on objectivity, multidisciplinary collaboration, and inclusive engagement, CETaS exemplifies the critical nexus between technology and security. As AI continues to redefine security paradigms, CETaS remains resolute in its mission to ensure that policy decisions are informed, balanced, and well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities AI presents.

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