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Recently, the Cardano Foundation has become the newest member after its registration with Hong Kong’s Fintech Association. Fintech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) is an autonomous institution focusing on different tech sectors. It is structured by multiple committees managing sectors like AI, Blockchain, data, RegTech, and online payments.

The committees include volunteers from major technological arenas, with shareholders from Hong Kong guiding and enlightening them to give rise to an environment where all these communities can profit from these tools.

On its website, FTAHK stated that it is an organized community run for the betterment of a community. It presents the community a unique position to speak for Fintech community.

It is run by a volunteer set of members who are careful about the future of Fintech in Asia, China and Hong Kong. The aim of this association is to maintain the growth of Hong Kong as a leading Fintech epicenter.

In 2015, Cardano was unveiled to create a new variety of cryptocurrency and stable and viable blockchain that could be easily upgraded and unified into other arrangements. The technology was aimed as a space for crypto and to also enable financial applications for daily use.

Cardano’s original blockchain is built on multiple layers allowing easy maintenance and upgradation of the system with soft forks.

This relationship might realize Hong Kong’s dream of becoming a FinTech hub by integrating innovative technologies into sectors like academia, finance, business, and government.

Cardano is the newest member of the FTAHK organization to share and convey knowledge with the community. This new organization is viewed as a valuable move by stakeholders and dealers, which will perhaps stimulate ADA price positively.

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