Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson faces accusations from XRP community


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  • Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, faced accusations from the XRP community for alleged hypocrisy and attempts to discredit them.
  • Hoskinson denied claims of aiding a cover-up regarding Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin and clarified his concerns about regulatory treatment, not bribery.
  • Cardano’s ADA token experienced price fluctuations amid the dispute, with a 25.32% gain over the past month.

In a recent online exchange, Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA), found himself embroiled in a dispute with a member of the XRP community. The accusations and counterarguments between the two parties have stirred up controversy within the cryptocurrency space. 

Accusations against Hoskinson

The conflict began when a user, known as Mr. Huber, accused Charles Hoskinson of hypocrisy and attempting to discredit the XRP community for years. Mr. Huber pointed to various instances where Hoskinson had allegedly taken actions to undermine the reputation of XRP and its community.

One of the primary accusations leveled against Hoskinson was that he had consistently worked to make the XRP community appear ridiculous and embarrass them in public. Mr. Huber claimed that after two years of such behavior, Hoskinson offered peace, only to later renew his criticism by labeling the XRP community as “crazy conspiracy theorists.”

Furthermore, Mr. Huber accused Hoskinson of aiding in the trivialization and cover-up of corruption allegations against Ethereum (ETH) and ConsenSys co-founder Joseph Lubin while advocating for clarity in the Cardano ecosystem. According to Mr. Huber, Hoskinson was now upset that these issues would not be addressed, even though he had been the one advocating for them.

Hoskinson responded to these allegations by stating that there was zero evidence to support claims that Joseph Lubin bribed the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go after XRP. He clarified that his argument had revolved around the SEC granting Ethereum a favorable regulatory treatment compared to XRP, not bribery allegations.

Hoskinson went on to assert that Mr. Huber was the one spreading conspiracies and slander, as he could not produce any evidence of ConsenSys bribing the SEC to target XRP. He emphasized that his previous statements were not related to bribery but stemmed from the XRP community’s harassment he had endured.

As a reminder, Charles Hoskinson had previously announced in December 2022 that he would no longer discuss blockchain company Ripple and the XRP token due to vicious attacks from the community. These attacks included accusations of him siding with the SEC in Ripple’s legal battle against the regulator.

Market update

While this dispute unfolded, the cryptocurrency market saw fluctuations in the price of Cardano’s ADA token. At the time of reporting, ADA was trading at $0.3746, marking a 3.51% decrease over the past 24 hours and a 2.99% loss over the previous week. However, it had gained 25.32% in value over the past month, according to the latest information as of November 30.

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