Reddit refurbishes its logo as IPO rumors mount


  • Reddit has made some rebranding moves with the company redesigning its logo.
  • Changes on the platform fuel IPO rumors.

Reddit, the dynamic nexus of diverse online communities, has recently undergone a substantial rebrand, coinciding with rumors swirling about a potential initial public offering (IPO). At the forefront of this visual metamorphosis is Snoo, Reddit’s iconic red and white robot mascot. The new Snoo boasts a sleek, three-dimensional design, departing from its original flat appearance. This updated version, almost cinematic in quality, introduces subtle yet notable changes, including opposable thumbs and an open-mouthed smile.

Reddit revamps its Snoo mascot design

The revamped logo, featuring a disembodied Snoo head within a red chat bubble, has already been implemented on Reddit’s corporate website. Users on Reddit.com are also witnessing the integration of this new logo, accompanied by some technical glitches, prompting speculation about potential issues related to the rebrand rollout. Snoo’s origins trace back to a sketch by its co-founder Alexis Ohanian during his college days at the University of Virginia.

Over time, Snoo has become synonymous with Reddit’s identity. Notably, Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, also known as /u/kn0thing, stepped down from the company’s board of directors three years ago to promote greater racial diversity. Beyond Snoo’s visual enhancement, the platform is refreshing its typefaces with a new original set tailored to evoke chat bubbles. This aligns with Reddit’s self-styled image as a platform for meaningful conversations. One of these typefaces, Reddit Sans, will be open-source and widely accessible online.

Roxy Young, Reddit’s chief marketing and consumer experience officer, emphasized the importance of strengthening the brand foundation to accommodate the platform’s expanding global presence. Young stated that the goal is to simplify the delivery of community, belonging, and empowerment to a diverse global audience, including users, advertisers, developers, and moderators. The rebrand extends to Reddit’s color palette, breaking away from the classic reddish-orange (known as OrangeRed).

Changes on the platform fuels IPO rumors

Introducing a suite of new colors such as GuavaPink, LimeGreen, BananaYellow, and JuniperBlue, the platform aims to infuse more vibrancy into its platform and applications. The timing of this rebrand is noteworthy, considering the platform’s tumultuous journey in 2023. The platform faced internal challenges, particularly in a conflict with its developer community, leading to numerous subreddits, the core interest-based communities, going dark in protest. As the dust settled on these issues, reports from Bloomberg suggested that the platform might be gearing up for an IPO, potentially in the first quarter of 2024.

While Reddit’s interest in going public has been a topic of discussion for some time, the synchronized brand refresh hints at the possibility of major news on the horizon. The company’s move to enhance its visual identity, coupled with the expansion of its color palette and typefaces, signals a strategic effort to align its brand with the evolving needs of its diverse user base and potential investors. Whether this rebranding will pave the way for a successful IPO remains to be seen, but the platform’s journey into the public sphere seems to be gaining momentum.

Reddit’s recent rebrand, featuring a modernized Snoo, updated logo, new typefaces, and a broader color palette, appears to be a strategic move in anticipation of a potential IPO. The platform’s commitment to catering to the diverse needs of its users and stakeholders is evident in these visual and structural updates. As Reddit navigates its path toward becoming a publicly traded company, the refreshed brand reflects its aspirations for continued growth and global relevance. With the stage set for a new chapter, its community-driven ethos and evolving aesthetic position it for a dynamic future in the social media landscape.

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