Genvid CEO Denies Use of AI in Silent Hill


  • Genvid CEO denies AI involvement in “Silent Hill: Ascension” script, asserting that all words were written by human writers.
  • Fans remain skeptical despite CEO’s statement, pointing to past AI-related comments and criticizing the series’ quality and monetization.
  • Monetization options in the series continue to be a topic of debate among fans.

In response to growing speculation surrounding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of the interactive streaming series “Silent Hill: Ascension,” Genvid CEO Jacob Navok has categorically denied such claims. 

The controversy arose as viewers noted the series’ script featured abrupt tonal shifts and a disjointed narrative structure, leading some to speculate that AI might have played a role in its creation. However, Navok has firmly asserted that every word in “Silent Hill: Ascension” was penned by real human writers, with no contributions from large language models or AI.

No AI involvement in “Silent Hill: Ascension” script

In a statement made on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Jacob Navok addressed the AI speculation surrounding “Silent Hill: Ascension.” He emphasized that AI was not involved in the creative work for the series and clarified that the entire script was crafted by a dedicated team of human writers. Navok’s statement sought to put an end to the rumors circulating about the use of AI in the show’s development.

Navok also revealed that Genvid had indeed experimented with AI for creative purposes, primarily in 2021. However, the company ultimately decided to pivot away from utilizing AI technology in its projects due to a series of issues and limitations encountered during these experiments. He specifically mentioned that none of the AI-related work carried out by Genvid was implemented in “Ascension” or any other projects.

Past AI efforts and challenges

While Genvid’s CEO confirmed the company’s foray into AI experimentation, it was made clear that these efforts did not extend to the creative aspects of “Silent Hill: Ascension.” Instead, Genvid’s prior AI engagement was concentrated on other areas. 

One such area was an AI filtering system employed for the global live chat during streaming. However, this system was ultimately disabled after the initial night of streaming due to unforeseen issues that caused it to behave in unexpected ways.

Fans express skepticism

Despite Jacob Navok’s assurance that AI had no role in shaping the narrative of “Silent Hill: Ascension,” some fans remain skeptical. They point to previous statements made by Navok himself, in which he mentioned the existence of a “simulation” used to create narrative branches for the series. 

Additionally, fans have noted that the writing team behind the project includes individuals with experience on notable titles such as Telltale games, God of War Ragnarök, and Resident Evil Village.

Vikki, a dedicated fan of the Silent Hill franchise, expressed concerns about the series’ overall quality. Vikki highlighted issues with the show’s “wobbly infrastructure and uneven progression system,” suggesting that these factors hindered its ability to deliver a satisfying viewing experience. In conclusion, Vikki noted that “Silent Hill: Ascension” would be a challenging recommendation for anyone who isn’t already a fervent fan of the franchise.

In addition to the AI speculation, “Silent Hill: Ascension” has faced criticism from fans regarding its monetization options. Navok responded to these concerns by justifying the monetization as a “time skip” feature rather than a pay-to-win mechanism. However, this justification has not appeased all fans, and discussions surrounding the series’ financial model continue.

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