Full Cardano decentralization expected in March

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • The activation of the Mary Hardfork goes down later this month.
  • A new way to achieve a smart contract free token.
  • More can be achieved after taking the first step of activation.

A date has been set for Cardano decentralization. The activation of the Mary hardfork on the Cardano blockchain was announced on the 1st of March, 2021. This makes Cardano a multichain platform. Also the platform can host digital assets rooted in other blockchain platforms, undoing the need for blockchain smart contracts.  

Developers could activate smart contract-free tokens with Cardano decentralization

The communication sent via U.Today claims that Input Output HK (IOHK) has completed a peculiar functionality in their Cardano network platform. This makes it possible for Cardano to host digital tokens from other non-native digital tokens without the use of a digital smart contract. This cuts down the cost of the process of its development as well as boosts the integration of the programmatic and the non-programmatic blockchain interactions.

Also, IOHK has also made it obvious that they would be building on their success with the Cardano blockchain network with the after-effects of the Mary hardfork functions. Some of the pioneers for the B2B adoption of Cardona are Celcius network and SingularityNET, which was involved in the bulding of the zenith decentralized AI network.

Full Cardano decentralization expected this month

IOHK’s product director, Aparna Jue, also stated that Cardano’s adoption is in its very first stage when it comes to its blockchain-based adoption. The best way to maximize Cardano is to allow developers and firms alike to reap from Cardano’s many benefits. Some of the benefits are boosted security, flexibility and decreased costs.

There is an expectation the Cardano will be maximized to its full potential, benefiting the decentralized finance world. IOHK’s project team is confident that the project is on its way to achieve their goal of decentralization. They are confident that the governing power would shift to back the ADA’s staking pools. The several benefits of a full Cardano decentralization are said to be in the pipeline.

Kamsi King

Kamsi King

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