Canadians can avail high yield crypto loans by BitBuy and Cred in 2020

High yield crypto loans would now be available in Canada since the digital currency giant BitBuy is partnering with Cred to present the facility.

Among Canada’s biggest digital currency giants, Bitbuy is the one that will be partnering up with Cred, a cryptocurrency token with its headquarters in San Francisco. The two companies have proclaimed a collaboration that will speed up the economic growth of digital currency as well as give people the chance to earn from their savings.

This collaboration will result in Bitbuy being the first crypto platform that allows users to earn interest on their digital currency savings. Residents of the country will be able to earn up to an annual interest of 10 percent.

Canadian crypto company president explained that giving Canadians the right to earn from their savings is something of a natural next step for Bitbuy; he went to add how Cred being a competent partner allows them to accelerate this new initiative.

When would high yield crypto loans be available?

This new service will be available for Canadians immediately through a merged minisite. During this time, more development will take place, so a fully operational and merged resolution can be set up in the first quarter of 2020. The service doesn’t require a minimum account balance with interest being paid after every 3-month period.

The Canadian company president also said that a growing number of people who possess digital currencies plan to save them for a long time, this new service will make sure that their assets remain safe while they earn interest from it. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are quickly taking their place in Canada’s economic system with a central bank digital currency into consideration.

The companies behind high yield crypto loans

The two companies behind the high yield crypto loans in Canada, although they don’t really need an introduction, a short intro is still in order.

What is Cred?

A distributed, worldwide lending platform that allows access to finances everywhere. With its offices in shanghai and san Francisco, Cred’s aim is to utilize the power of digital currency that provides everyone the ability to benefit from cheap credit products.

What is Bitbuy?

A company that specializes in cryptocurrency services with its base in Canada. Providing users digital services such as selling and buying digital currencies.

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