IBM Canada’s First Female GM of Technology Charts New Course in AI


  • Deb Pimentel, IBM Canada’s first female GM of Technology, navigates the AI era, emphasizing adaptability and collaboration in her leadership style.
  • Pimentel’s versatile career at IBM, spanning nearly three decades, reflects her commitment to learning, from marketing to handling AI and automation.
  • Focused on implementing AI solutions, Pimentel aims to harness the positive impacts of technology while addressing challenges, positioning IBM Canada at the forefront of innovation.

Deb Pimentel, IBM Canada’s first female general manager of technology, is leading the corporation into uncharted territory in the rapidly changing field of technology. Pimentel’s nearly three-decade career at IBM is a testament to the industry’s changing dynamics as well as her unwavering dedication to flexibility.

From her early days as a marketing trainee to her current role as the GM of Technology, Pimentel’s career trajectory has been a testament to her willingness to embrace change. Her dual major in business and psychology from York University provided a unique foundation, and she credits her long-standing tenure with IBM to the continuous opportunity to learn and apply new skills.

Over the years, Pimentel has worn many hats within IBM, from client executive and chief of staff to handling hardware and software sales. Notably, she served as the Vice President of AI and Automation, where she delved into the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence. Her diverse experience positions her well as she undertakes the challenge of steering IBM Canada’s technology team in the age of AI.

Implementing AI solutions

In a recent interview from her Toronto home, Pimentel discussed her focus on implementing AI solutions within IBM and extending them to customers. Her role, which she assumed last summer, required an extensive learning curve, as she took the time to understand the perspectives of her team members across the country. The emphasis on collaboration and communication, reflected in her approach of one-on-ones and all-hands sessions, underscores her commitment to a leadership style that has brought her success thus far.

When asked about the positive effects of AI, Pimentel highlighted its transformative potential. However, she also acknowledged the downsides, signaling the need for individuals and businesses to familiarize themselves with the technology sooner rather than later. As the global landscape prepares for increased integration of artificial intelligence, Pimentel’s vision is clear: to lead IBM Canada in harnessing positive impacts while addressing challenges responsibly.

Pimentel’s goals and aspirations

Pimentel expressed her commitment to leveraging AI to drive innovation and efficiency within IBM. Her focus includes internal enhancements before extending these solutions to the broader market. By taking the time to understand her team and foster a learning culture, she aims to position IBM Canada at the forefront of technological advancements.

In her words, “I didn’t think I was going to have a lot to learn, but I had a lot to learn, which is kind of cool.” This humility, adaptability, and leadership style have set the tone for IBM Canada’s technology journey under her guidance.

Deb Pimentel’s ascension to the role of IBM Canada’s first female GM of Technology marks a milestone in her career and the tech industry. Her ability to navigate change, embrace diverse roles, and lead with a focus on collaboration positions IBM Canada on a trajectory that aligns with the demands of the AI era. As businesses and individuals grapple with the evolving technological landscape, Pimentel’s vision offers a glimpse into the future, where responsible AI adoption becomes the cornerstone of success.

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