Breaking Chains: Tezos’s Perspective on True Blockchain Evolution

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The crypto industry has seen an unparalleled shift in recent years, with various blockchains making significant strides. One that remains distinctly relevant despite its age is Tezos. In an exclusive interview with its co-founder, Arthur Breitman, I got him and other important team members to dig into the very fabric of what makes Tezos a formidable name in the space.

Tezos’ take on the blockchain industry right now

Arthur Breitman opened the discussion by highlighting how some blockchain networks have been experiencing stagnation. “It’s a challenge,” Breitman remarked, “to see networks report a few hundred transactions a month. The ecosystem is volatile, but it’s also a testament to how crucial genuine innovation is.”

Drawing parallels from past strategies, Breitman spoke of how several companies, around the years 2016-2017, attempted to expedite blockchain adoption by leveraging their existing user bases. The move was tactical, he noted, hoping that the sheer number of users would provide the necessary traction. He also pointed out that for companies like Binance, this strategy bore fruit due to the inherent nature of their user base.

For Tezos, decentralization is more than a technical term – it’s an ethos. One team member passionately emphasized, “How decentralized can a chain truly claim to be if it remains tethered to a single private entity? We need to understand the spirit of blockchain, not just its letter.”

From the left: David Tng, Managing Director, TZ APAC. Arthur Breitman, Founder of Tezos. Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant), Founder of KEY Difference, Co-Founder of Forward Protocol. Yaros Belkin, Founder of Belkin Marketing. Amar Odedra, Head of Venture Capital at Tezos.

Going beyond conventional uses

The digital art space, especially the rise of NFTs, represents an exciting horizon for blockchain. Breitman expressed a measured optimism, saying that digital art influences culture and has a ripple effect. However, in larger arenas like sports, adoption remains the domain of early adopters. His insights suggest that while there’s potential, the journey from ‘clunky’ to ‘usable’ blockchain tech still has a way to go.

When probed about the broader applications of blockchain, the Tezos team expressed excitement about the emerging field of digital art creation. But they were also reflective. “We need to think deeper,” a team member stated, “beyond trading and payments. What will the masses truly use blockchain for?” It’s a question that Tezos seems to be keen on answering.

Tokenization of assets, from real estate to ships and helicopters, represents an exciting future. Equisafe and GlobalGap are just the starting point. According to Breitman, with the sturdy infrastructure that Tezos provides, a plethora of assets could be tokenized in the future, making them more accessible and liquid.

However, tokenizing assets, especially in niche areas like art or shipping, comes with its set of complexities. “Ensuring compliance is one of our foremost challenges,” remarked a Tezos team member. Marrying innovation with regulation is no easy feat, but the Tezos team is unwavering in their commitment to navigate this intricate pathway.

In tokenization, the need for solutions that simplify this process is evident. Platforms are emerging that offer templated, straightforward methods for tokenization, effectively lowering the barriers of entry. A notable example in this regard is Forward Protocol. Dubbed as the ‘WordPress for Web 3.0’, Forward Protocol introduces a no-code approach, enabling users to easily create blockchains, subnets, and dApps.

What’s more, Forward Protocol presents a direct solution to the challenges that many encounter when trying to tokenize assets. With drag-and-drop technology and customizable templates, even those without technical expertise can explore the realm of asset tokenization. The goal? Making blockchain technology, especially the aspect of tokenizing assets, accessible to a broader audience.

While platforms like Tezos lay the foundational groundwork and navigate the complexities of the asset tokenization world, solutions like Forward Protocol are ensuring that the door remains open for anyone willing to step into this transformative space.

Charting their course forward, Breitman spoke of Tezos’ plans, with members slated for assignments from London to Singapore. “It’s an ongoing journey, one that we’re excited about,” he said with a glint of determination in his eyes.

Reflecting on the past, Breitman highlighted how Tezos has managed to carve a niche for itself in a saturated market. “Our focus has always been on genuine value addition, not fleeting trends,” he commented.

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