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Blockstream CSO claims can prevent Bitcoin network split

blockstream cso claims can prevent bitcoin split

The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Blockstream Samson Mow has expressed in a television interview that Blockstream can prevent Bitcoin split.

A wave of excitement spread across the crypto-community about this new feature of Blocktream Satellite where the users can transact without any Internet connection.

In the TV show Keiser Report, presented by Max Keiser, the Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream: Samson Mow stated that Blockstream came on the horizon as this financial system built on Bitcoin needed to have redundancy.

He explained that Blockstream’s motive was to deliver redundancy for the network of Bitcoin. He further specified that the Blockstream satellites are in geosynchronous orbit and are responsible for broadcasting the Bitcoin blockchain.

Mow emphasized about Blockstream’s satellite’s applicability and stated that it averts the Network from splitting for Bitcoin.

In a country, if a cable is disruptive then the whole country could practically be out of sync with the network. But if even a single person in that country has a dish antenna and is running a Blockstream satellite node, it has the ability to keep the whole country in sync.

The news was in circulation about Blockstream and its next move of integration with GoTenna, a Brooklyn based firm that allows its users to send messages without Internet access.

GoTenna keeps it mesh net under its own influence and the users need to be within a mile to be able to complete transactions.

The Bitcoin transmission is a satellite network installed by BTC tech firm. Blockstream Satellite network broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain around the world24/7 for free and providing protection against network disruptions. The users, in any case, have to have a satellite receiver installed with Blockstream specific software.

Johnson Go

Johnson Go

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