Blockchain Protocol Empowers Media Outlets in Their Dealings with AI Developers

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  • Fox Corp. introduces Verify, a blockchain-based platform designed to help media outlets track their content, focusing on large AI developers using intellectual property (IP) for training.
  • Verify utilizes Polygon for its underlying architecture, employing cryptographic signatures to identify content origins and provenance, offering transparency in ownership and copyright status.
  • While Fox Corp. faces the challenge of onboarding mainstream media outlets to Verify, the platform aims to empower creators by assisting in negotiations with AI developers, addressing concerns raised by media houses like The New York Times.

In a groundbreaking move, Fox Corp. has unveiled Verify, a blockchain-based platform developed by its in-house technology team. This innovative protocol aims to revolutionize how media outlets track and manage their content online, with a particular focus on addressing the concerns of large artificial intelligence (AI) developers. Verify, powered by Polygon, utilizes cryptographic signatures to identify content origins and promote transparency in ownership and copyright status.

The Verify Protocol – A new era of content tracking

Fox Corp.’s Verify is designed as a distributed database that employs a cryptographic signature to trace the use of intellectual property (IP) by large AI developers. The protocol, introduced in mid-2023, has already proven its efficacy by authenticating the origin and history of over 70,000 pieces of content within the Fox brand. Media outlets enrolled in Verify can upload their content for verification, retaining control over usage rights granted to AI developers for training large language models (LLMs).

Fox Corp. CTO Melody Hildebrandt revealed that the company has integrated Verify with third-party publishers, streamlining the process for content submission. The platform operates on a content graph, where hashed and cryptographically signed content is bound to its verified owner. Smart contract licenses facilitate permissionless access control, fostering digital rights management between content owners and various stakeholders.

Media outlets empowered against AI developers

Verify’s introduction comes at a time when media houses, including The New York Times, are challenging AI firms for utilizing their intellectual property without direct approval. Fox Corp. positions Verify as a tool that can assist media outlets in negotiations with AI developers, providing creators with leverage in these discussions.

Fox Corp. has officially disclosed ongoing negotiations with renowned artificial intelligence developers, including but not limited to OpenAI, to explore collaborative endeavors related to the utilization of their content in the training processes of language models such as ChatGPT. 

This strategic move is in harmony with the overarching industry trend wherein media entities are actively pursuing equitable compensation and formal approval mechanisms from AI developers, ensuring a conscientious and collaborative approach to the integration of their content into cutting-edge language models.

Can Verify redefine the balance between media and AI?

In delving into unexplored terrain with Verify, Fox Corp. initiates a groundbreaking shift in the relationship dynamics between media outlets and AI developers. The successful deployment of Verify in Fox News’ coverage serves as an early indicator of its prowess, offering a glimpse into the transformative potential it holds. 

Yet, the true challenge emerges in expanding Verify’s influence beyond Fox’s ecosystem, threading the needle through the intricate challenges that often hinder blockchain projects seeking mainstream acceptance Beyond the domains of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The critical question lingers: Can Verify overcome these hurdles and evolve into a pivotal force, reshaping the landscape of content usage and intellectual property rights in the age of artificial intelligence? As time unfurls its narrative, the answer remains veiled, holding the promise that Verify might emerge as a catalyst for transparency and collaboration, forging a new era of empowered negotiations between media entities and the ever-expanding realm of AI development.

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