Eco-friendly Bitcoin mining gains traction in the top 10 countries


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  • Bitcoin mining is going green, with the United States, China, and Kazakhstan leading in renewables.
  • The top 10 countries control 94% of Bitcoin mining, but carbon reduction challenges persist.
  • Governments push for eco-friendly mining, requiring efficient renewable energy use.

Bitcoin mining has been under the spotlight recently, with a growing emphasis on environmentally sustainable practices. Proponents of the cryptocurrency have pointed to a shift in the industry towards renewable energy sources. 

Seth, a prominent pro-Bitcoin portfolio manager, has drawn attention to this trend, citing a report by Visual Capitalist that analyzes the countries leading the charge in eco-friendly Bitcoin mining.

The top 10 Bitcoin mining countries

Visual Capitalist’s report highlights the top 10 countries for Bitcoin mining based on various factors, including regulatory environment, electricity costs, and mean annual temperature. 

These key elements influence miners’ decisions when establishing their operations. The list comprises the United States, China, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Ireland, Singapore, and Thailand.

These ten countries collectively account for 93.8% of the entire Bitcoin network’s hash rate. The United States, China, and Kazakhstan hold the lion’s share of mining activities, emphasizing their dominance in the industry.

Renewable energy usage

One of the most critical aspects of eco-friendly Bitcoin mining is the energy source used. According to the report, Bitcoin miners globally consume approximately 348 terawatt-hours of electricity annually. 

Utilizing renewable energy sources is a pivotal component in reducing the environmental footprint of this energy-intensive industry.

Notably, the United States, China, and Kazakhstan have reported varying degrees of renewable energy adoption. The United States leads the pack with a 22.5% share of renewables in its energy mix, while China and Kazakhstan report 30.2% and 11.3%, respectively. 

It’s worth mentioning that Kazakhstan’s relatively low renewable share is due to its heavy reliance on coal, which accounts for a substantial 60% of its energy generation.

Despite its reliance on coal for a significant portion of its electricity, China maintains a higher overall renewable energy share, primarily driven by the country’s rapid expansion of wind and solar power.

Leaders in renewable energy

While some countries in the top 10 list show progress in adopting renewable energy sources, others lead the way in sustainability. Iceland, Paraguay, and Norway are notable examples of nations with a strong commitment to renewable energy. However, collectively, they host just over one percent of the global Bitcoin mining network.

The shift towards eco-friendly Bitcoin mining is not just a matter of choice but has become necessary for the industry’s long-term viability. With growing concerns about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, governments and regulators are increasingly pressuring miners to adopt greener practices.

The United States, for instance, has been actively encouraging renewable energy adoption in the Bitcoin mining sector. This approach aligns with the country’s broader goals of reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Challenges and opportunities

Despite the progress in adopting renewable energy, Bitcoin mining still faces challenges in achieving widespread sustainability. The reliance on coal in some regions remains a significant obstacle to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. It underscores the need for innovative solutions and technologies to make Bitcoin mining more eco-friendly.

Opportunities exist for countries with abundant renewable energy resources to attract Bitcoin miners. With their vast wind and solar potential, nations like Canada and the United States have a competitive advantage.

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