BlockCerts and NextHash partner up to provide token solutions

BlockCerts, a leading smart-contract academic blockchain platform, has announced a partnership with NextHash, which will result in new token solutions for customers of both companies. 

NextHash, a global leader in digital asset management and service, will be providing an additional working space for BlockCerts, in order to boost the usability of credentials issued on the platform.

This partnership represents a significant team-up in the blockchain industry, as both companies are well-recognized in their field of operation. 

New token solutions

BlockCerts will be using the NextHash Nexinter Exchange platform to promote its’ smart contract and token solution to a broader audience.

This collaboration will allow users to create and execute trades and validation through token solutions. Authentication will also play a big role in the products the two companies are looking to offer. 

Of course, all BlockCerts tools previously available to users will be featured in the new products released by the collaboration.

BlockCerts will also introduce new capabilities like KYC compliance and utility token processes in order to entice more business entities to use the platform.

Working as a team 

The main goal of this new partnership is to strengthen the quality products already offered by BlockCerts and NextHash.

By collaborating, the two companies are looking to polish their services and strengthen their customer relationships.

While BlockCerts will rely on NextHash for its sturdy structure and platform, NextHash will benefit from the already established positions BlockCerts has in the academic field. 

Hopefully, this joint effort will prove to be successful for both parties, and their customers alike. As more companies are seeking token solutions globally, this partnership might eventually become one of the leading tokenization providers.