Bitstamp announces temporary suspension of select altcoins for US customers


  • Bitstamp has announced the temporary suspension of select altcoins for users in the United States.
  • Exchanges respond to regulatory scrutiny with token suspensions.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has announced its decision to suspend trading of several cryptocurrencies for customers based in the United States starting from August 29th. The move comes in response to recent developments, although the specific reasons behind the suspension were not detailed in the announcement. The seven cryptocurrencies affected by this decision are AXS, Chiliz (CHZ), MANA, MATIC, Near, SAND, and Solana.

Bitstamp asks users to clear the affected tokens before August 29

All of the affected tokens have faced allegations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of being unregistered securities in complaints against prominent cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Coinbase. Bitstamp emphasized that it urges its users to take action promptly, encouraging them to carry out any desired buy or sell orders involving the affected assets before the August 29th deadline. Following this cutoff date, trading activities related to AXS, CHZ, MANA, MATIC, NEAR, SAND, and SOL will be permanently disabled on the Bitstamp platform.

However, even though trading will no longer be available, Bitstamp clarified that users will still be able to retain the seven tokens in their accounts and initiate withdrawals whenever they choose. It’s important to note that the SEC’s allegations against these tokens have not yet been proven in a court of law. Bitstamp’s move to suspend trading of these tokens for U.S. customers echoes similar actions taken by other financial technology firms. For instance, Revolut has voluntarily removed these tokens from its offerings for U.S. residents in light of the ongoing SEC litigation against Binance and Coinbase.

Exchanges respond to regulatory scrutiny with token suspensions

The regulatory scrutiny around these tokens has also led to adjustments in operational practices. The Sandbox, for instance, has introduced mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for SAND staking following regulatory events. At present, the SEC identifies a total of 68 cryptocurrencies as securities, highlighting the scope of the regulatory concerns within the industry. Established in 2011, Bitstamp holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the platform boasts a diverse selection of approximately 30 coins and tokens available for trading.

Over the past 24 hours, the exchange facilitated trading activities amounting to around $164 million worth of digital currencies. The suspension of trading for U.S. customers underscores the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations and the ripple effects on exchanges and their offerings. As the SEC continues to scrutinize various tokens and their compliance with securities regulations, market participants are navigating a complex environment that requires careful consideration and adaptation.

Bitstamp’s decision to temporarily halt trading of these seven tokens within the U.S. serves as a testament to the challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges in aligning with evolving regulatory expectations. This move not only impacts traders but also highlights the broader implications of regulatory developments for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. As the situation continues to evolve, market participants are closely watching for further developments and potential implications on the cryptocurrency market.

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