IMX Price Prediction 2022-2031: How high will Immutable X rise?

Imx price prediction

IMX Price Predictions 2022-2031

IMX Price Prediction 2022 – up to $1.11
IMX Price Prediction 2025 – up to $3.41
IMX Price Prediction 2028 – up to $5.64
IMX Price Prediction 2031 – up to $15.20

The crypto space is ever-changing, and from time to time, we have witnessed the entrants of several blockchain protocols and digital currencies looking to exceed the functional limitation of existing protocols. If you’re serious about cryptocurrencies, our IMX price prediction could help you develop a more clarified perspective.

Immutable X is one of the hundreds of projects that have emerged in the cryptosphere as a scaling alternative for Ethereum’s shortcomings with NFTs – and it has established itself as a runaway success. The achievements of the Immutable X protocol have, in turn, drawn the attention of many investors to its native token.

Are you keen on crypto investing? If Immutable X is something that’s piqued your interest, read on as we bring you more details about the fundamentals of the protocol, its price history, technical analysis, and IMX price predictions for 2022 and beyond.

Today’s Immutable X price is $0.804384 with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,228,914 USD. Immutable X is up 0.75% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #140, with a live market cap of $189,258,743. It has a circulating supply of 235,284,001 IMX coins and a max. supply of 2,000,000,000 IMX coins.

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X claims to be the premier Layer-2 scaling solution for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the development team, the blockchain is designed to overcome Ethereum’s limitations, such as low throughput, slow development experience, poor end-user experience, and illiquidity. 

Instead, users and developers experience massive improvements in scalability, instant trading, and zero gas fees on minted and traded NFTs without jeopardizing their security and that of their assets. In other to achieve its goals, Immutability X leverages the STARK zk-rollups (an Ethereum-based off-chain protocol).

The native token of the Immutable X protocol is IMX – an ERC-20 token – used for various operations on the blockchain, such as network rewards, liquidity maintenance, trading, governance functions, system charging, and staking. 

IMX coins have a total supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens, and the distribution is as follows:

  • 51.74% is allocated to ecosystem developments such as marketing purposes, rewards, grants to developers, and provision of liquidity in the ecosystem.
  • 25% to project development.
  • 14.26% to a private sale – monthly unlock for 2+ years.
  • 5% to public sale – 6 months unlock.
  • 4% to the foundation and development-related initiatives – monthly unlock for 4+ years.

Fundamentals of Immutable X

Immutable X was created in 2018 by James and Robbie Ferguson, both of which are brothers and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs. The network’s uniqueness is based on its utilization of zk-rollups (Zero-Knowledge rollups) and exclusive focus on Non-fungible Tokens. 

IMX Price Prediction 2022-2031: How high will Immutable X rise? 1

With the increasing popularity of zk-rollups proof as an Ethereum scaling solution, Immutable X has found itself at the center of developments in the Ethereum space. With the possibility of reaching over 9000 transactions per second (TPS), Immutable X is poised to become the preferred blockchain for NFTs in no distant time. 

One of the major elements of Immutable X is its API abstraction layer, which allows it to deliver scalable solutions to end-users. All NFT operations, such as minting and trading, are now simple API requests on the network because of its representational state transfer (REST) APIs – a feature the developers believe will be crucial to attracting new customers such as mainstream entertainment and gaming businesses.

The Immutable X protocol is keen on minimizing entry barriers for content creators and developers in the NFT space, making it possible to build marketplaces and next-gen Web3 games on the network.


  • The IMX network offers an NFT-driven Layer-2 solution for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market. 
  • Massive NFT collaborations and rollouts – the popular Guild of Guardians and God Unchain NFTs were both from Immutable X. 
  • Boasts substantial achievements in the NFT space, such as 100% carbon neutral trading, a global order book that ensures instant distribution of listed assets to multiple marketplaces, and true scaling for Web3 games.


  • The IMX blockchain is fairly new in the crypto space and could face fierce competition from NXT and the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Like many other crypto-based developments and currencies that are subject to volatility, regulations, sentiments, and the likes, if the buzz in the NFT space loses momentum in the future, the IMX coin will struggle to attract investors.

IMX Price History

The Immutable X (IMX) token began trading in November 2021 following an IEO on Huobi Global, a series of private sales, and two ICOs. Tokens initially sold for less than a quarter of a dollar on Huobi, soon jumped to $3, and peaked at $9.50 a few days after. Then came the big crash of 2022 that has so far devaluated the coin from about $5 in January 2022 to less than $1 in September 2022.

IMX Price Prediction 2022-2031: How high will Immutable X rise? 2

The current price of Immutable X (IMX) is $0.7969, with a market cap of $187,508,740. IMX has a circulating supply of 235,284,001.00 IMX and a total supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens. Its market ranking is #141.

New Developments on Immutable X 

The Immutable X development team is constantly rolling out new developments and Web3 partnerships. Here are some of the plethora of most recent developments:

IMX Technical Analysis

The IMX price chart below shows that the coin is on a bearish run, having lost about 10% of its value in one week and over 17% in the last month. Similarly, the super-trend indicator shows that IMX is in the bear zone, signaling a sell signal. The Bollinger band also corroborates the super-trend, as IMX is trading below the 20-day MA towards the lower band. On the hand, the RSI indicates that the asset is neither oversold nor underbought, meaning that the price trend is neutral and might be efficient to wait out the outcome of the market before making a financial decision.

IMX Price Prediction 2022-2031: How high will Immutable X rise? 3

The technical summary also shows a very bearish market, with 13 MA indicators pointing at a strong sell over a 4-hour period.

IMX Price Prediction 2022-2031: How high will Immutable X rise? 4

Could this be the bottom where you make that entry move? It remains to be seen if the market will hit new lows or perhaps the bulls will turn the tides around.

IMX Price Predictions By Cryptopolitan

If you’re looking for a coin to invest in at the moment, IMX might be a great addition to your trading portfolio. Immutable X has established itself as a runaway success and drawn the attention of many investors to its native token.

IMX Price Prediction 2022-2031: How high will Immutable X rise? 5
YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)

IMX Price Prediction 2022

The basis of the development of Immutable X is to provide NFT creators and consumers with zero gas fees for trading & minting, instant trading, and unrivaled scalability. A thriving user base for the products offered by Immutable X is expected to bring the price of the network’s native token to a maximum trading value of $1.11. 

On the other hand, if fierce competition and regulatory restrictions come to play, it could limit the price potential of IMX. In that case, Immutable X may be limited to a minimum of $0.96, with an average market price of $1.04.

IMX Price Prediction 2023

Immutable X is breaking barriers and limitations through its simple APIs, especially for users with no experience in blockchain development – no need to under complex blockchain algorithms, dApp integrations, or solidity to create the finest gameplay experiences. 

A progression in this direction in 2023 could help IMX to positive price action, reaching a maximum value of $1.92. Should the market take a different turn, we expect a minimum price of $1.67, after which a balance of trade could settle the coin’s value at $1.81.

IMX Price Prediction 2024

One of the greatest features of the Immutable X ecosystem is the ability to leverage zk-rollups for massive scaling operations. With growing scalability in 2024, IMX may hit the highest price of $2.67. We expect a lower threshold of $2.31, provided the cryptocurrency market shrinks during the year. The bearish/bullish price action could bring the average market price of the asset to $2.49.

IMX Price Prediction 2025

The network offers a distributed global order book that facilitates liquidity and allows users in the NFT space to develop markets in the ecosystem without a backend infrastructure. This feature creates the possibility for 3rd-party NFT markets to live side-by-side with Immutables X’s core marketplace. Having said that, growing demand for the development and deployment of NFTs on the network can increase demand for IMX, which could get the coin to a maximum price of $3.41.

On the contrary, if the bears take over, IMX could trade at a minimum price value of $3.02 and find support around the $3,23 mark.

IMX Price Prediction 2026

We anticipate some pullback in the market in 2026, which could be the case across the crypto ecosystem. With the price of IMX dropping to as low as $2.62, it presents users with the opportunity to buy some more IMX tokens at a discounted price. The maximum expected market price for 2026 is $2.95.

IMX Price Prediction 2027

As the weeks, months, and years go by, if expansions and utility developments continue on Immutable X, we may expect corresponding price growth too. If that’s the case, our IMX price prediction for 2027 anticipates a trading range of $3.73 to $4.06. It might be more rational to target the lower limit of the forecasted price due to the unpredictability of the crypto market.

IMX Price Prediction 2028

If IMX continues to roll out new projects and seal new Web3 game development partnerships, the project could attract more long-term investors leading to a maximum price push of $5.64 and an average forecast price of $5.48.

IMX Price Prediction 2029

By 2029, we expect the crypto space to no longer be alien to most people and would have settled in pretty well. NFTs, Web3, and Decentralized Apps will not be “extraordinary” anymore. Increased awareness and massive adoption of Immutable X should see IMX trading between the range of $7.68 to $7.98.

IMX Price Prediction 2030

For 2030, we choose to be conservative about our IMX price forecast. Although some analysts believe Immutable X could have a market value well over 20$ this year, we’ll take a different approach by managing expectations. 

2030 is quite a long time, but we think it’s enough time for IMX to establish itself as a market favorite in terms of performance. We expect Immutable X to soar past its current ATH to reach a maximum price of $11.16. The predicted minimum price for the year is $10.83, with an average trading value of $11.02.

IMX Price Prediction 2031

Our Immutable X price prediction for 2031 expects Immutable X to cross the $15 mark, while its average trading price will be somewhere in the region of $14 to $15.

IMX Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor’s AI analysis tool, IMX will have a negative trend in the future that could bring the coin’s market price down to 0.0783 USD over the next 365 days, making it a bad investment in the long term. The short-term predictions (14 days) anticipate an average price of $0.756, a minimum value of $0.7037, and a maximum price of $0.8088.

IMX Price Prediction by CryptoPredictions.com

Cryptopredictions.com is quite positive about the long-term prospects and profitability of the Immutable X (IMX) token. The maximum price anticipated for December 2022 is $1.354, with a least possible value of $0.921. Further positive price actions are expected in 2023 for IMX, as the cryptopredictons.com team forecasts a maximum price of $1.468, a minimum of $0.998, and an average of $1.175 by year’s end.

Per the predictions, 2024 through 2026 won’t be any different, as the team expects the bulls to continue running the show, leading to an average price of $1.372 in 2024, $1.657 in 2025, and $1.915 in 2026.

IMX Price Prediction by Technewsleader

According to the IMX price predictions from Technewsleader, Immutable X can reach as high as $1.15 by the end of 2022, $1.64 in 2023, and $5.24 in 2026. They expect a bullish trend up to 2031, with the coin’s maximum price expected to be trading at more than 3x its current all-time high.

IMX Price Prediction by Industry Influencers

According to CryptoVault, Immutable X could potentially reach a $20,000,000,000 market cap in the future, giving returns of 119x. He added that the current price might be a good point to buy IMX at a cheap price for the long term.

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Where to Buy IMX coins?

Immutable X is available on several crypto exchanges, including Binance, LBank, OKX, DigiFinex, AAX, KuCoin, Coinbase Exchange, Gate.io, FTX, Huobi Global, and more.


Taking a look at the IMX predictions in this piece, it would seem that the crypto coin has a promising future – that’s because Immutable X has a lot of potential. So, if you’re looking for a coin to invest in at the moment, IMX might be a great addition to your trading portfolio.

However, as is the case with several other investment tools, there is no guarantee that Immutable X will reach the forecasted price levels; hence, this Immutable X price prediction piece is not investment advice. Invest only what you can afford to lose, and always do your own research.

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Which ZK proof does immutable X use?

Immutable X uses a ZK rollup, and it takes thousands of off-chain trades, generates proof that these trades were all valid (i.e., the users who owned the assets signed the trades), and then publishes that proof on-chain, where a smart contract verifies it.

What is immutable X built for?

Immutable X is a layer-2 blockchain that solves the scalability issue for NFTs on Ethereum. It allows users to build and manage NFT projects in a secure platform at zero transaction cost.

What is IMX token used for?

IMX is an Ethereum token that powers Immutable X, a scaling solution for NFTs that aims to enable near-instant, low-fee transactions. IMX can be used for staking on Immutable X, voting on the protocol's future, and paying transaction fees.

Is Immutable X (IMX) a good investment?

Considering Immutable X (IMX) is the first Layer-2 solution for NFTs on the Ethereum network, we believe Immutable X (IMX) to be a very good investment, especially in the long term.

How High can IMX go?

Favorable market conditions will push Immutable X to a high price of $15.20.

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