BitGo and Swan collaborate to establish the first U.S. Bitcoin-only trust company


  • Prime Trust faced significant financial challenges, leading to an $8 million loss due to its investment in the collapsing terraUSD stablecoin.
  • In contrast, BitGo demonstrated resilience by securing $100 million in funding after reconsidering its acquisition strategy with Prime Trust.

In an ambitious move to streamline Bitcoin financial services, leading crypto custodian BitGo and the renowned Bitcoin financial services entity Swan are teaming up. Their shared vision? To establish the United States’ inaugural Bitcoin-only trust company. The endeavor seeks to marry BitGo’s esteemed custody proficiency with Swan’s recognized acumen in customer onboarding and fraud prevention.

A new paradigm in Bitcoin custody

Swan CEO Cory Klippsten encapsulated the essence of the collaboration by emphasizing their desire to prioritize the security and integrity of Bitcoin. “It’s important to us to build a custodian without the risks of securing many altcoins within the same trust company as Bitcoin,” he said. This focus is a direct nod to the inherent complexities and vulnerabilities that could arise from managing multiple digital assets. By narrowing their attention to Bitcoin, BitGo and Swan believe they can offer a more robust and secure custody service.

But what’s behind this drive towards an exclusive Bitcoin trust company? Mike Belshe, the CEO of BitGo, provides insight into their strategic approach. Drawing parallels with the tried-and-tested models of the conventional U.S. financial sector, Belshe notes, “We believe the best model for the Bitcoin industry is the same battle-tested model that has been part of the U.S. financial industry for over a century: the separation of exchange and custody.”

A backdrop of dynamic partnerships and bold moves

BitGo’s relationship with Swan isn’t a new liaison. The former has historically been one of the trusted custodians that Swan leveraged for its Bitcoin storage requisites. Additionally, Swan has previously collaborated with the Nevada-centric chartered trust establishment Fortress Trust. Notably, Fortress Trust is on the cusp of being integrated into Ripple‘s expanding portfolio. 

Responding to the implications of this acquisition, Klippsten disclosed that Swan is proactively transitioning compliance and settlement functionalities to a new partner. Elaborating on the transition, he shared, “We’ve been integrating with Bakkt since early 2023 and we’ve already begun transferring some customer segments over.”

Prime Trust’s crisis and BitGo’s strategic mastery

It’s imperative to contextualize this bold joint venture within the broader crypto-custody landscape. Just a couple of months ago, the crypto custodian Prime Trust landed in receivership. This development came in the aftermath of BitGo’s decision to revoke its initial intent to acquire Prime Trust. 

To further underscore the volatility of the crypto sphere, Prime Trust’s financial tribulations came to light when its CEO, Jor Law, divulged in a court declaration that the firm had incurred a staggering $8 million loss. This loss was attributed to their investment in the terraUSD algorithmic stablecoin, which experienced a precipitous collapse in May 2022.

In stark contrast to this setback, BitGo showcased its resilience and strategic foresight. After retracting from its Prime Trust acquisition strategy, the firm successfully secured a whopping $100 million in funding, elevating its valuation to an impressive $1.75 billion.

Anticipation and Potential Hurdles

The proposed BitGo-Swan joint venture is not without its challenges. Predominantly, it awaits the green light from regulatory bodies. As the crypto realm continues to evolve and integrate more profoundly into the traditional financial fabric, regulatory scrutiny and compliance become paramount. The venture will be closely watched by stakeholders and regulators alike, as its success could set a precedent for other Bitcoin-focused initiatives.


This ambitious collaboration between BitGo and Swan signifies a potential paradigm shift in the Bitcoin custody sector. As the duo works towards crystallizing their vision of a Bitcoin-only trust company, the broader industry watches with bated breath. If successful, it could herald a new era of specialized, secure, and streamlined Bitcoin financial services.

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