Bitcoin’s volatility can’t stop its climb as ETF decision nears


  • Bitcoin recovers from a 6% drop, rising 3% to $43,870.01 amidst ETF approval speculations.
  • Market corrects overleveraged positions, investors anticipate multiple spot Bitcoin ETF approvals.
  • Cryptocurrency market and related stocks, including Coinbase and MicroStrategy, see gains.

Despite a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, Bitcoin has recently witnessed a resurgence, demonstrating its resilience in the face of volatility. The digital currency’s rebound, particularly after a significant drop on concerns about the approval of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), paints a picture of an asset undeterred by market speculations and fears.

Bitcoin’s value soared by approximately 3%, reaching $43,870.01, as per Coin Metrics data. This upswing follows a 6% plummet triggered by traders’ skepticism regarding the ETF’s potential rejection by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the subsequent liquidation of overleveraged positions.

Sam Callahan, a lead analyst at Swan Bitcoin, attributes this bounce-back to the market’s corrective action against overleveraged positions. He notes that this resurgence is likely a strategic positioning by investors in anticipation of the impending approval of multiple spot Bitcoin ETFs. These approvals, according to Callahan, could serve as a significant catalyst for Bitcoin’s price in 2024 and beyond.

The Wider Crypto Market and Stock Response

Bitcoin’s rally wasn’t a solitary event but part of a broader upswing across the cryptocurrency market. Ether witnessed a 2.5% rise, while Solana’s SOL token climbed by 3%. This positive trend extended to the stock market, with companies like Coinbase and MicroStrategy experiencing gains of 3% and 4% respectively. The uplift was also evident among miners such as Riot, CleanSpark, and Iris Energy, all enjoying a 4% increase, with Marathon leading the pack with a nearly 7% jump.

The anticipation surrounding the SEC’s decision on a bitcoin ETF, expected as early as the next week, has been a major factor influencing these market movements. The first deadline for the SEC to approve or reject an ETF application, specifically the Ark 21Shares bitcoin ETF, is set for January 10. The ETF’s potential launch has been a major driver of Bitcoin’s price since the previous summer, contributing to a 157% gain in 2023. While there are concerns that the market reaction might not meet the hype in the short term, the overall sentiment remains optimistic.

Bitcoin Options and Market Sentiments

In the realm of Bitcoin options, there is a marked interest in the cryptocurrency’s bullish trajectory. As the January expiration date of these options nears, data from Deribit, a crypto options and futures exchange, reveals that the majority of contracts are call options with a strike price of $50,000. This suggests a prevailing optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s price among market participants.

There are currently 237,174 open interests on Deribit, dominated by calls over puts. Approximately 23,344 call options across various expiration dates have strike prices of $50,500, representing a notional value of $1 billion. Additionally, 9,732 call options with a strike price of $50,000 are set to expire on January 26, amounting to a notional value of $422 million.

An analyst from Bitfinex highlighted that while smaller timeframes may show different top strike prices, the prevailing consensus is $50,500, with the largest expiration date on January 26. They emphasized the importance of focusing on open interest metrics over volume in options data to avoid skewed perceptions due to varied trading strategies.

Despite the bullish indicators from options trading, it’s crucial to approach these data with a grain of salt. The increase in volume in weekly options, especially following news about pending Bitcoin ETF approvals, may paint a more bullish picture than what the market consensus actually holds. While the strong interest in $50,000 BTC call options signals optimistic investor sentiment, it should be noted that market conditions and various factors can still sway Bitcoin’s price in unexpected directions.

In essence, Bitcoin’s recent performance, despite its inherent volatility, demonstrates the cryptocurrency’s enduring appeal and resilience. As the market eagerly awaits the SEC’s decision on the Bitcoin ETF, the digital currency continues to navigate its path, undeterred by fluctuations and speculation. The options market’s bullish stance adds another layer to the anticipation, although the ultimate impact on Bitcoin’s price remains to be seen. With all eyes on the upcoming ETF decision, Bitcoin’s journey continues to be a fascinating watch for investors and enthusiasts alike.

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