Philippines govt official calls for help over Bitcoin scammers’ impersonation


A Philippines government official, Carlos G. Dominguez III, has asked for assistance from the country’s Department of Justice (DOJ) as Bitcoin scammers unauthorizedly flaunt his photos to dupe unsuspecting citizens. Following previous reports, the Philippines is likely facing increased crypto frauds, most of which claim endorsement from the government.

Bitcoin scammers impersonate Dominguez to promote fake investments

Dominguez, chief economic manager of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, sought help from the DOJ to terminate fake cryptocurrency investments touted to citizens by the Bitcoin scammers. Most precisely, Dominguez exclaimed that scammers used his names to promote a fake digital currency auto-trading platform called the ‘Bitcoin revolution.’

In a letter written to Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra on Tuesday, Dominguez revealed many Facebook posts, wherein the Bitcoin scammers used his photos and texts to deceive people. Per the report, the messaged claimed that Dominguez invested in the so-called Bitcoin revolution and that his “latest investment has experts in awe and big banks terrified.”

Dominguez wants DOJ to uncover and prosecute the scammers

Dominguez explained that such ploys, whereby the names of top government officials are used unauthorizedly, are mostly directed to defraud unsuspecting people, whether in the Philippines or other countries. In the letter to Guevarra, to Dominguez added:

Although this incident had been reported to Facebook to prevent the spread of these hoaxes, the perpetrator of such acts may still continue to find other avenues to pursue their malicious activities. Thus, we request the assistance of the DOJ Cybercrime Office to track, identify, and prosecute those responsible for these posts.

For months now, the Philippines have been seeing an increase in fake investment from Bitcoin scammers, with many being exposed by the country’s agencies. Sometime in May, the Philippines were warned against a fake Bitcoin investment dubbed ‘Bitcoin lifestyle.’ The perpetrators claimed endorsement from the country’s president to deceive the public into believing it was legitimate.

Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas

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