Bitcoin mining sector expects stability amid decrease in bankruptcies


  • Bitcoin miners expect fewer bankruptcies, thanks to smarter finances and less debt.
  • The Bitcoin halving might trigger more mergers among smaller miners.
  • Bitcoin’s recent price jumps are linked to new ETFs in the US.

In an interview with Bloomberg on April 3, Hut 8 CEO Asher Genoot projected a notable decline in Bitcoin mining firms filing for bankruptcy in the coming years. Genoot attributed the high bankruptcy rates of 2022 to overleveraging and unpreparedness for escalating energy costs.

Genoot highlighted that the surge in bankruptcies among mining firms in 2022 stemmed primarily from excessive leverage accumulated in 2021. As Bitcoin prices dipped and energy expenses soared, many companies could not service their debts, resulting in financial distress. Notable casualties during this period included Compute North, Celsius Mining, and Core Scientific, the latter of which has since relisted on the Nasdaq.

Shift towards financial prudence

Since the tumultuous period of 2022, Genoot noted a shift in the strategies adopted by Bitcoin miners. Many have reduced reliance on leverage instead of turning to equity markets to secure debt-free capital for business expansion. This shift towards financial prudence has positioned mining firms more resiliently against market volatility.

Genoot anticipates a rise in mergers and acquisitions among smaller-scale Bitcoin miners, which he believes will contribute to a decrease in bankruptcy rates. He suggested that significant M&A activity or distress opportunities would likely arise if Bitcoin retraced to $30,000 or $40,000.

Impact of Bitcoin halving

With the upcoming Bitcoin halving scheduled for April 20, Genoot emphasized that this event would lead investors to favor large-scale operators with the lowest marginal cost of production. This shift in investor sentiment towards established players is expected to further stabilize the mining sector.

Genoot shared insights into his strategic decisions, such as the founding of US Bitcoin Corp (USBTC) in December, which subsequently merged with Hut 8 Mining Corp’s operations. The resulting entity, Hut 8 Corp, based in Miami, Florida, now boasts a substantial balance sheet holding over 9,100 Bitcoin, valued at $600 million.

As of the latest update, Bitcoin is priced at $66,000, with the halving event just 17 days away. Despite historical trends indicating that Bitcoin typically sets new all-time highs within 6-12 months after a halving event, the cryptocurrency recently surpassed its previous peak of $68,990 on March 5, suggesting atypical price dynamics.

Industry experts attribute Bitcoin’s recent price surge to the introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States. This development has likely influenced the cryptocurrency’s price trajectory in recent months.

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