Solana Meme Coin Degens Abandon Book of Meme (BOME) and Slerf (SLERF) Chaos for Hump (HUMP) Following 20x Surge

The cryptocurrency market, specifically the meme coin sector, is well-known for its volatile sentiment and erratic price changes.This is especially true on the Solana blockchain, where a recent phenomenon has occurred: the enormous exodus of “degenerates” (degens), an acronym for high-risk investors, from popular meme coins Book of Meme (BOME) and Slerf (SLERF) to the recently launched Hump (HUMP).This article investigates the reasons for this migration, the present situation of these Solana meme coins, and the potential of following meme coin trends.

The Ascent and Decline of BOME and SLERF

BOME’s Flaming Bright: Launched in early 2024, BOME drew notice with its artistic meme theme and promised connections with NFT-based fiction platforms. But the project’s progress slowed, and investor confidence was damaged by worries about the project’s faceless personnel and unclear direction. SLERFing Towards Uncertainty: Another early 2024 entrant, Slerf, capitalized on the popularity of the silly dog meme. The project initially garnered attention due to its emphasis on animal shelters and charity, but, like BOME, a lack of further updates and community participation led to diminishing interest.

Reasons for Degens’ Flight

Influencing the changing preference of Degens is the fact that BOME and SLERF both fell short of their initial promises, resulting in stagnant development. Delays in development updates and a lack of tangible progress on anticipated features eroded investor confidence. Furthermore, The lapse in the BOME and SLERF teams’ regular connection with their respective communities has further led to their decline. This gap created a sense of uncertainty and pessimism among investors.

The Upsurge of Hump (HUMP)

Hump (HUMP) emerged as an underdog in the meme coin space, enthralling investors with its quirky branding and intriguing future.However, its recent 20x spike sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency market, catching the interest of degens from rival meme coins looking to ride the wave of Hump’s popularity. The rapid surge of interest in Hump triggered a frenzy among meme coin fans, who raced to find the next great chance in the ever-changing universe of meme coins.

Degens of SLERF and BOME Enter the Fray

Following Hump’s dramatic climb, degens from other meme coins such as SLERF and BOME seized the opportunity to capitalize on the excitement generated by Hump’s surge. Impressed by Hump’s 20x rally, investors flocked from SLERF and BOME to HUMP further raising the value of HUMP and sparking speculation about its ability to become the next memecoin to create new millionaires.  The ripple effect of Hump’s rally resonated throughout the memecoin ecosystem, highlighting the cryptocurrency market’s interdependence and dynamic nature.

Lessons Going Forward

As the meme coin mania sweeps the cryptocurrency market courtesy of HUMP’s 20x rise, investors might learn useful lessons from it. To begin, before investing in meme coins, you must undertake extensive study and due diligence. While the enticement of fast profits may be appealing, it is critical to grasp the basics of each project and assess their long-term viability.Second, risk management is critical—investors must be ready for fluctuation and allocate investments wisely to avoid potential losses.Finally, remaining educated and watchful is essential—market dynamics can change quickly, and being aware of developing trends and changes is critical for making sound investing decisions.


With SLERF and BOME dropping and HUMP witnessing a 20x increase, Hump, the next Solana-based meme coin, has set the stage for the next wave of profit.The interconnection and fluidity of the memecoin economy are in full view as investors seek to double down on accumulating HUMP following its rise.While meme coin investing is fraught with speculation and volatility, it also offers potential for creativity and community involvement. As the meme coin phenomenon unfolds, investors must proceed with caution and prudence, acknowledging both the possibility of wins and short-term losses in this high-reward environment.

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