Binance Labs back DeFi pioneer radiant with $10M investment – RDNT surges 10%

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  • Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, has backed the decentralized crypto lender Radiant Capital (RDNT) in a $10 million investment.
  • Binance Labs’ LayerZero serves as the foundation for Radiant’s borrowing and lending technology.
  • Radiant’s native token, RDNT, increased in value by 10% after the announcement.

Binance Labs, the crypto exchange’s investment arm, has invested a historic $10 million in Radiant, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. This funding demonstrates confidence in the expanding DeFi community and its promising future. 

Radiant’s native token, RDNT, has seen an immediate increase, increasing by an astonishing 10% due to this massive inflow of money. This development highlights the growing significance of DeFi in disrupting the financial services industry.

Binance Labs invest in Radiant

Binance Capital, the company’s venture capital arm, has put $10 million into Radiant Capital, a platform for lending and borrowing using blockchain technology.

The fresh capital will be used to develop new technologies and products, such as increasing collateral and deploying on the Ethereum mainnet.

LayerZero Labs, another business in the Binance Labs investment fund, provided the blueprints for Radiant. By acting as a money market where users can deposit and borrow assets across various chains, the lending platform aims to address the dispersed liquidity issue that DeFi is facing. 

The Radiant DAO’s traders, or “Dynamic Liquidity Providers,” can stake their native RDNT tokens for interest, flash lending fees, and governance rights. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and stablecoins are all accepted for payment of platform fees under the protocol.

According to information provided by DeFi Llama, the overall value of Radiant is locked in at around $265 million. The platform now supports over 20 collateral alternatives, and more are expected to be added as the Radiant DAO extends its capabilities to additional chains.

In a press release, Binance Labs’s co-founder and head of Binance Labs, Yi He, said that Radiant Capital’s performance on Arbitrum and BNB Chain shows its potential for promoting mainstream adoption.

Binance Labs actively seeks out promising DeFi projects that not only advance the industry but also push the boundaries of innovation. Radiant Capital’s commitment to facilitating seamless cross-chain transactions for DeFi, and performance on Arbitrum and BNB Chain demonstrates its potential for driving mass adoption. We look forward to seeing Radiant’s continued growth and further contributions to the ecosystem.

Yi He

Binance Labs recognizes Radiant’s potential

Radiant has established itself as a powerful force in the DeFi market by offering cutting-edge decentralized borrowing and lending options. The phrase “Decentralized Finance,” or “DeFi,” refers to a fast-growing ecosystem of financial services and applications that run on the blockchain and let consumers access financial products without using conventional middlemen. 

Radiant enables peer-to-peer lending and borrowing through smart contracts, cutting costs and improving market efficiency.

Earlier, Binance released its annual midyear report detailing the industry’s progress over the past six months. The field of DeFi was expanding rapidly.

According to the Radiant team, the money is vital as the platform tries to extend its solution to other EVM chains. The protocol hopes to gain as much traction as Arbitrum and BNB Chain have, making it one of the most significant DeFi platforms.

Radiant Capital’s mission is to usher in a new era of DeFi focused on providing a seamless, secure, and easy-to-use omnichain lending experience. This is critical to the DAO’s end goal of onboarding the next generation of DeFi into the Web3 ecosystem. I am tremendously excited about our partnership with Binance Labs, as they bring extensive expertise, resources, and strategic support to the protocol.

George Macallan, Founder of Radiant Capital

Increases in oracle support, collateral, cross-liquidations, and abstract repayments are anticipated. Integrating LayerZero’s messaging features and releasing the solution on Ethereum’s mainnet is also vital.

The fact that Binance Labs is willing to put up $10 million to support Radiant shows that the DeFi market is finally getting the attention it deserves. Binance Labs, one of the crypto industry’s most powerful investment arms, actively seeks out and supports innovative blockchain and DeFi initiatives.

Impact on the RDNT token

According to Radiant, the advances will enable the next 100 million consumers to access and use DeFi. 

George Macallan, the creator of Radiant Capital, commented on this accomplishment by saying that Binance Labs’ cooperation with Radiant Capital allows his platform to take advantage of Binance’s “extensive expertise, resources, and strategic support.”

Their investment “will play a crucial role in propelling Radiant to new heights as the protocol expands to new chains, continues to scale, and drives utility back into the ecosystem,” he added.

The news benefited Radiant’s native token, RDNT, which saw a 10% increase in value to a little under $0.32.

The revelation of Binance Labs’ significant investment in Radiant shook the crypto market, particularly RDNT investors. The RDNT token is the platform’s native token and functions as a utility token for the Radiant ecosystem.

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