Binance Labs and CoinFund invest $10 million in Neutron smart contract blockchain for the Cosmos ecosystem



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  • Binance Labs and CoinFund lead a $10 million investment round for Neutron, a smart contract blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Neutron integrates the Rust programming language into the CosmWasm environment, unlocking the potential of over 50 interconnected app-specific blockchains.
  • Close collaboration with the Cosmos Hub empowers cross-chain, secure, and efficient smart contract applications.

Binance Labs and CoinFund, prominent venture capital companies, have joined forces in a groundbreaking $10 million initial investment round to foster the development of the Neutron smart contract blockchain within the dynamic Cosmos ecosystem. This ambitious initiative has garnered significant attention from investors, including Delphi Ventures, LongHash, and Nomad, who recognize its potential for reshaping the blockchain landscape.

Neutron, an innovative Cosmos-based network, introduces a novel paradigm by seamlessly integrating the Rust programming language into the CosmWasm computational environment. With its focus on smart contract creation, Neutron aims to unlock the Cosmos ecosystem’s full potential, encompassing over 50 interconnected app-specific blockchains, or appchains, contributing to a vibrant and diverse decentralized ecosystem.

Neutron facilitates cross-chain, smart contract applications by forging a close alliance with the Cosmos Hub and harnessing its robust security infrastructure. This partnership empowers developers and users alike to transcend the limitations of individual chains and engage in secure and efficient transactions across the Cosmos network.

Alex Felix, Chief Investment Officer at CoinFund, underscores the growing demand for appchains and layer-two solutions, emphasizing Neutron’s pivotal role in addressing this pressing need. Notably, Neutron stands out by accommodating Rust, the world’s second-most popular smart contracting language, providing developers with a familiar and versatile toolkit to build mission-critical applications.

In a significant milestone for the project, Neutron became the first-ever Cosmos blockchain to implement Replicated Security in May. This groundbreaking feature empowers consumer chains to leverage the validators of the Cosmos Hub, the ecosystem’s central and venerable chain, enabling them to operate secure applications at a fraction of the usual cost. This breakthrough bolsters Neutron’s credibility and underpins its commitment to ensuring a robust and economically viable platform.

The advent of Neutron opens up new possibilities for developers and businesses seeking to capitalize on the expansive capabilities of the Cosmos ecosystem. By combining the power of Rust and the security infrastructure of the Cosmos Hub, Neutron paves the way for a new era of interoperability and efficiency within the blockchain realm.

Hence, the future of the Cosmos ecosystem looks set to be significantly transformed by the advent of Neutron. With its emphasis on cross-chain functionality, support for Rust, and unwavering commitment to security, Neutron promises to revolutionize how smart contracts are developed and executed. As the crypto community eagerly awaits further developments, Neutron’s emergence marks a noteworthy milestone in the ongoing evolution of the blockchain landscape.

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