BAT coin rockets up over 300 pc in the year 2019

The digital currency market seems to be wounded and in bad condition, as exhibited by recent evaluations. A few of the altcoins, despite the slump that this cryptocurrency is going through, have been reported to show spikes over the last week. Among these altcoins is the Basic Attention Token or BAT.

 The BAT shot up in value by ten percent on Thursday, the 18th of April, a day when the whole market appeared to be red. Peaking at a record high value since the summer of 2018, the BAT altcoin was being traded at $0.3618. Two days later, the altcoin reported an increase in price greater than six percent, at $0.3947

A market cap of four hundred and ninety-three million dollars ($493,000,000) was reported by BAT along with a trading volume of fifty-seven million dollars ($57,000,000).

To be more exact, the coin exhibited a 6.47%increase in its rate over the period of twenty-four hours and reported a 7-day rise of more than thirty-one percent (31.20%). The altcoin continued to report a growth of more than one percent over the last hour.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts analyzed the cause of this rise in prices as the launch of ads during April, on the web browser known as Brave Browser. The BAT is highly dependent on entertainment and can be acquired through many different means of advertising and other similar services on this platform.

BAT has reported a trading volume of eight million dollars ($8,000,000) through the BAT/USDT pair.

Binance took the 2nd position on the list of the largest digital currency exchange, reporting a trading volume of seven million dollars ($7,000,000) through the BAT/BTC pair.

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