Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Gets Title Update 3.2 For April 2024


  • A new 40 FPS mode, providing console players with a nice medium between 30 FPS visual quality and 60 FPS performance, makes the visuals smooth but still crisp.
  • Bug fixes, text corrections, and the addition of fast travel points turn travel on Pandora into a more relaxed and effective experience.
  • The Sky Breaker and Secrets of the Spires paid story DLCs will become available in the Summer and Fall of 2024, respectively.

Avatar: Discovered by Pandora, the well anticipated action and exploration video game, developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, has just released its newest update, Title Patch 3.2. It comes with some bug fixes including new features and quality-of-life improvements which are designed for considerable improvements in the gaming experience of players.

Improvements in Quality of Life and Bug Fixes

The 3.2 Title update is set to address numerous problems that players have been encountering since the launch of the game. Another improvement they made is resolving an issue where a controller remap would sometimes revert stably. This problem has been making the gameplay experience less convenient and fun to play for gamers.  Along with this bug fix, players can now enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without the inconvenience of having their controller configurations reset without expectation.

Additionally,  the developer aimed to fix the issue of NPC disappearance that had been happening, making the game world less realistic. NPCs play a crucial role in Avatar: The small details of Pandora like depth, play an irreplaceable part in the legend production and unlock the world of the game. This could be fixed by making NPCs sort of disappear when players are too close, thus restoring the free interaction and the authenticity of the gameplay.

New Fast Travel Points Introduced

Apart from usual bug fixes and quality-of-life changes, fast travel points were also introduced to the game in Title 3.2 Update. The fast travel feature allows you to explore the large region of Pandora more effectively than before, thereby cutting the distance between locations to half. With these added facilities of quick-travel points, players are now able to move through the map faster allowing themselves to explore and play without spending so much time navigating from one point to another.

Fast travel points act as transportation centers that provide players the ability to move through the game world at a faster pace. This provides a more streamlined gameplay experience and also encourages players to look at all the various parts of Pandora without having to be constantly worried about the time it takes. Whether fighting or going on quests or even just admiring the wonders of the landscape around you, now you can do so with greater freedom, an attribute that has been added with the introduction of fast travel points.

Title Update 3.2 for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is the epitome of progress in providing the best gaming environment possible for game players. The update targets fixing bugs, enhancing quality of life elements, and comes with fast traveling points – all these show that the developers do their best to streamline the gaming process and ensure its high quality. Therefore, we can anticipate uninterrupted gameplay and more convenience while touring this amazing and huge world of Pandora.

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