Atomicals Market Responds to Security Breach with User Compensation

Atomicals Market Responds to Security Breach with User Compensation

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  • Atomicals Market faced a significant security issue, resulting in the loss of 33,000 ATOM tokens due to an insecure signing method, leading to an urgent need for improved security measures.
  • In response, the platform is compensating affected users via airdrops, has switched to a more secure signing method, and is planning to establish a security fund to cover future accidental asset losses.

Atomicals Market recognized as a significant entity in the marketplace and browser arena for Atomicals and ARC-20 tokens, has recently encountered a substantial security breach. The platform experienced a considerable loss of 33,000 ATOM tokens, attributed to the deployment of an insecure signing method, specifically SIGHASH_NONE | ANYONECANPAY. This alarming incident unfolded over two separate occurrences, on November 14th and 23rd, bringing to light serious vulnerabilities within the platform’s security protocols. The breach not only caused financial losses but also sparked widespread concern among the Atomicals Market community, emphasizing the critical need for enhanced and more secure measures in handling digital asset transactions.

The security flaw exposed by this incident has been a catalyst for Atomicals Market to re-evaluate and upgrade its security strategies. The use of the SIGHASH_NONE | ANYONECANPAY signing method, which led to the token loss, pointed to potential gaps in the platform’s security infrastructure.

Switching to secure signing method and user compensation

In response to the security lapse, Atomicals Market has transitioned to a more secure signing method, SIGHASH_SINGLE | ANYONECANPAY, to prevent similar incidents in the future. The change demonstrates the platform’s commitment to safeguarding user assets and maintaining trust within its community.

Most notably, the Atomicals Market team has announced their decision to compensate affected users for the lost 33,000 ATOM tokens. The compensation will take the form of an airdrop to the victims’ addresses, scheduled to occur within the next 48 hours. The move is a significant step towards rectifying the issue and restoring user confidence in the platform. For users who need to change their address for any reason, the team has provided a channel of communication via Discord, ensuring that all affected parties have the opportunity to receive their due compensation.

Atomicals market ongoing challenges and future security measures

Despite these remedial efforts, the Atomicals Market team is still grappling with another ATOM loss incident that occurred on November 25th. The ongoing challenge underscores the complexities and risks associated with digital asset management and the imperative need for continuous improvement in security protocols.

To address these challenges proactively, Atomicals Market plans to establish a security fund mechanism. The initiative aims to cover accidental asset losses, providing an additional layer of protection for users’ assets and reinforcing the platform’s resilience against unforeseen security breaches.

In addition to these security enhancements, Atomicals Market has also announced the completion of its team rebuilding efforts. The development is expected to bring new energy and expertise to the platform, further strengthening its capacity to manage security challenges and enhance the overall user experience.


The recent security incidents at Atomicals Market serve as a reminder of the ever-present risks in the world of digital asset trading and management. However, the swift and transparent response by the Atomicals Market team, including the compensation of affected users and the implementation of more secure transaction methods, demonstrates a strong commitment to user security and trust. As the platform continues to evolve and reinforce its security measures, it sets an important precedent for how digital marketplaces can effectively respond to challenges and maintain the confidence of their user base.

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