Argentina to embrace Bitcoin for contracts


  • Argentina legalizes the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for contract settlements and payments.
  • The ‘Bases for the Reconstruction of the Argentine Economy’ decree allows for diverse currencies, including digital ones, in contracts.
  • This move is part of President Javier Milei’s market-friendly economic reforms and response to inflation.

Argentina is set to embrace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for contractual settlements and payments, marking a significant shift in the country’s economic and financial landscape. Diana Mondino, Argentina’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, has indicated that a recent decree aimed at economic reform and deregulation will encompass the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies under specific conditions. This development reflects Argentina’s progressive stance on digital assets and its commitment to economic innovation and modernization.

The ‘Bases for the Reconstruction of the Argentine Economy’ decree, passed on December 20, broadens the scope of permissible currencies for contractual obligations, including those not recognized as legal tender in Argentina. This move positions Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as viable options for settling contracts, alongside traditional and unconventional units of account.

A New Era of Economic Flexibility

The decree signifies a new era of economic flexibility and adaptability in Argentina. According to Minister Mondino, the decree allows for the settlement of contracts in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and even non-traditional units like liters of milk or steers. This versatile approach to currency usage for contracts demonstrates Argentina’s willingness to embrace diverse and innovative economic practices.

Article 1196 of the decree explicitly grants parties the liberty to specify the currency type and amount for bonds or security deposits, as well as the reimbursement method upon the lease’s conclusion. Although the decree primarily refers to foreign currencies, it does not explicitly exclude cryptocurrencies, thereby implicitly allowing their use.

Impact of President Javier Milei’s Policies on Argentina

The election of President Javier Milei, known for his market-friendly stance, has been a catalyst for this progressive shift towards crypto adoption in Argentina. Mondino’s appointment as foreign minister and the subsequent decree are in line with Milei’s vision for Argentina’s economic overhaul. Facing pressing inflation issues, Milei’s administration has actively sought solutions to stabilize and revitalize the Argentine economy.

The economic decree follows President Milei’s national address, where he outlined measures to tackle Argentina’s economic challenges. His reference to Bitcoin as a movement towards “the return of money to its original creator, the private sector,” underscores his administration’s positive outlook on digital assets. While he has not publicly commented on digital assets since taking office, his administration’s actions indicate a strong inclination towards embracing cryptocurrencies.

In essence, Argentina’s decision to legalize the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for contracts and payments marks a significant milestone in the country’s economic policy. This move not only positions Argentina as a leader in digital asset adoption but also reflects a broader shift in global attitudes towards cryptocurrencies.

As the world increasingly recognizes the potential of digital currencies, the country’s pioneering approach could serve as a model for other nations looking to modernize their economic systems. With this decree, Argentina steps into a future where digital currencies play a crucial role in economic transactions, signaling a new era of financial innovation and flexibility.

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