Archiving Revolutionizes Access to Nigerian History with Cloud-Based Archiving


  • Fu’ad Lawal leads Archiving’s groundbreaking effort to digitize Nigeria’s historical newspapers, revolutionizing access to its rich history.
  • Archiving employs cloud technology to ensure seamless access to digitized newspapers, enhancing searchability and user experience.
  • With meticulous attention to quality and strategic partnerships, Archiving aims to become a premier resource for Nigerian history and AI advancements in Africa.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Fu’ad Lawal, Chief Archivist at Archiving, is spearheading efforts to digitize Nigeria’s historical newspapers and make them readily accessible to the public through cloud technology. This ambitious endeavor aims to provide researchers, journalists, and the general public with a comprehensive digital archive spanning Nigeria’s political, social, and cultural history since its independence in 1960.

Addressing historical information gaps

Fu’ad Lawal’s motivation stems from his experience as a journalist, where he often encountered challenges in accessing historical information essential for comprehensive reporting. Recognizing the significance of historical context in journalism, Lawal embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between past events and contemporary reporting. His vision for Archiv.ng is to serve as a repository of knowledge, facilitating deep reporting and fostering a deeper understanding of Nigeria’s past and present.

The journey to digital preservation

Archiving faced initial hurdles in becoming a legal entity, but Lawal’s determination drove the project forward. Securing publishing rights and acquiring essential equipment, notably scanners, were pivotal steps in the digitization process. With meticulous attention to quality, Archiving has successfully scanned over 4,000 newspapers, comprising 50,000 pages spanning two decades from 1994 to 2010. Through strategic partnerships, they have gained access to archives from prominent publications like P.M. News, with plans to include others such as Punch and The Guardian.

Revolutionizing access through cloud technology

Utilizing cloud technology, Archiving ensures seamless access to digitized newspapers for users worldwide. By uploading scanned newspapers to the cloud, the platform enables users to search for specific keywords and instantly retrieve relevant articles. Through manual tagging and keyword optimization, Archiving enhances searchability, allowing users to explore a wealth of historical content effortlessly. The company’s ambitious goal is to digitize newspapers dating from January 1st, 1960, to December 31st, 2010, encompassing 360,000 pages and over 700,000 stories.

Prospects and funding

As with any startup, funding is crucial for Archiving’s continued growth and expansion. Having raised over $37,000 since 2020, the company remains committed to securing additional funding to support its mission. With plans to digitize more newspapers and enhance the platform’s features, Archiving aims to solidify its position as a premier resource for Nigerian history and serve as a catalyst for AI advancements in Africa.

Archiving represents a pioneering initiative in digital preservation, revolutionizing access to Nigeria’s rich historical archives. Fu’ad Lawal’s vision and dedication have propelled the project forward, enabling users to delve into the nation’s past with unprecedented ease. As Archiving continues to expand its archive and enhance its platform, it holds immense promise in shaping the future of historical research and journalistic endeavors in Nigeria and beyond.

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