Worldcoin initiates legal action against Spanish government over crypto ban


  • Worldcoin is suing Spain over a ban, claiming compliance with EU laws.
  • Spanish authorities accused Worldcoin of privacy breaches, sparking a legal clash.
  • Both sides are locked in a legal battle, highlighting broader issues of tech regulation.

In a bold move, Worldcoin (WLD), the privacy-focused crypto project, has announced its decision to pursue legal action against the Spanish government following its ban in the European nation. The conflict arose after the Spanish Data Collection Agency (AEPD) ordered Worldcoin to cease its data collection practices, citing concerns over infringement of user privacy.

Compliance dispute sparks legal battle

Worldcoin asserts its compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, pointing to its close supervision by the Bavarian Data Protection Authority (BayLDA), responsible for ensuring GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance throughout the European Union. Despite continuous engagement with BayLDA and adherence to GDPR enforcement measures, Worldcoin is at odds with the AEPD’s directives.

Jannick Preiwisch, the data protection officer at the Worldcoin Foundation, expresses disappointment over the AEPD’s actions, characterizing them as a circumvention of established GDPR procedures. He further criticizes the dissemination of what Worldcoin perceives as inaccurate and misleading information regarding its technology. Despite repeated attempts to clarify Worldcoin’s practices, the AEPD’s purported lack of response has exacerbated tensions between the two parties.

Striving for legal resolution

Fueled by a sense of injustice, Worldcoin’s contributors, led by Tools for Humanity, have initiated legal proceedings against the AEPD’s order, contesting its validity and seeking redress. The dispute underscores broader concerns surrounding the intersection of emerging technologies, data privacy, and regulatory oversight in an increasingly digitized world.

In a dynamic legal showdown between a pioneering cryptocurrency project and a national regulatory authority, Worldcoin takes decisive action to defend its operations and reputation. By challenging the AEPD’s ban through legal channels, Worldcoin underscores the importance of regulatory clarity and due process in navigating the complex landscape of data privacy and innovation.

The clash between Worldcoin and the Spanish government highlights the ongoing struggle to balance technological advancement with regulatory oversight and individual privacy rights. As the legal battle unfolds, the outcome will not only shape the future of Worldcoin but also set precedents for regulating emerging technologies in the digital age. With stakeholders on both sides poised for a protracted legal dispute, the implications extend far beyond Spain’s borders, resonating throughout the global crypto community and beyond.

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