Apple’s iPhone 16 to Feature New Advanced AI


  • iPhone 16 will be smarter with A18 processors, recognizing faces and understanding Siri commands, thanks to a powerful Neural Engine.
  • TSMC, the chip manufacturer, takes the spotlight as Apple orders advanced 3-nanometer processors, boosting AI power in iPad and MacBook.
  • iPhone 16 promises a tech leap with TSMC’s expansion and Apple’s strategy, combining advanced AI and cutting-edge processing for an enhanced user experience.

Apple enthusiasts can anticipate a groundbreaking upgrade as the tech giant partners with TSMC for a major boost in processing power and AI capabilities. The upcoming iPhone 16, set to debut in September 2024, will be powered by the advanced A18 processors, promising a leap forward in artificial intelligence technology.

iPhone 16 unleashing advanced AI capabilities

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced the development of generative AI functions set to debut with iOS 18. This development aligns with the imminent launch of the iPhone 16, expected to showcase revolutionary AI capabilities. The A18 chips, manufactured by TSMC using its second-generation 3nm process node (N3E), will play a pivotal role in powering the next-generation iPhone.

The A18 processors will feature a more powerful Neural Engine, the component responsible for AI and machine learning tasks. Apple boasts that the A17 Pro’s Neural Engine is already up to two times faster than its predecessor, capable of processing up to 35 trillion operations per second. With the A18’s advancements, users can expect even faster and more accurate AI processing capabilities.

The enhanced AI capabilities of the A18 chips will translate into tangible benefits for users. From faster and more accurate facial recognition in photos to improved interactions with Siri, the iPhone 16 is set to offer an unparalleled user experience. These improvements will extend to various functionalities, including Shortcuts, Messages, and Apple Music.

TSMC’s key role in Apple’s upgrade

Industry insiders reveal that Apple has placed substantial orders with TSMC for the 3-nanometer enhanced version process, indicating a notable shift in the company’s product line. The M4 and A18 processors, designed for iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and other devices, are expected to witness a surge in built-in AI computing cores, aligning with the prevailing AI trend.

TSMC, traditionally tight-lipped about individual customer dynamics, is projected to experience a more than 50% increase in the volume of the 3-nanometer enhanced version process this year. This surge is attributed to Apple’s strategic move to significantly enhance AI computing power in its processors. Apple’s commitment to TSMC solidifies the tech giant as TSMC’s leading customer, particularly in the 3-nanometer family.

In addition to increased wafer production volume, Apple has secured a substantial amount of advanced packaging capacity from TSMC. The collaboration extends to advanced packaging processes like InFO and CoWoS, with a potential for the challenging 3D architecture of SoIC advanced packaging. This move underscores Apple’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

As Apple and TSMC join forces for this groundbreaking upgrade, the technology landscape is poised for a significant shift. The iPhone 16, with its advanced AI capabilities powered by the A18 processors, is set to redefine user expectations. The collaboration not only secures Apple’s position as a technological trailblazer but also propels TSMC into a pivotal role in shaping the future of semiconductor manufacturing.

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