Apple rolls out VisionOS 1.1 with significant improvements


  • Apple has released the latest update, VisionOS 1.1, which has significant features and improvements.
  • Streamlined enterprise device management.

Apple’s latest update, VisionOS 1.1, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem, bringing a slew of enhancements designed to elevate user experiences to new heights. One of the most notable features of this update is the refinement of user personas, with a particular focus on visual representation.

Apple rolls out Vision Pro’s VisionOS 1.1 update

In VisionOS 1.1, users will notice substantial improvements in the rendering of hair and makeup appearances, as well as more accurate depictions of the neck, mouth, and eyes within EyeSight. This enhancement is particularly crucial for users who rely on EyeSight, as it enables others to perceive the wearer’s eyes even while they are immersed in virtual reality experiences.

Furthermore, Apple has streamlined the persona setup process by introducing a “Hands-free Capture” mode, allowing users to configure their personas without the need to physically hold the device. This improvement not only enhances convenience but also demonstrates Apple’s commitment to accessibility and ease of use.

Another significant addition to VisionOS 1.1 is Mobile Device Management (MDM), a feature aimed at catering to the needs of enterprise users. With MDM, administrators can efficiently manage Vision Pro devices at scale, deploying custom configurations, distributing apps en masse, and executing remote device wipes as needed. This functionality is a testament to Apple’s recognition of the importance of enterprise device management and its dedication to providing robust solutions for businesses.

The inclusion of MDM in VisionOS 1.1 aligns with Apple’s broader strategy to cater to the needs of enterprise customers. By offering robust device management capabilities, Apple aims to make Vision Pro devices a viable option for businesses looking to leverage augmented and virtual reality technologies in their operations.

Streamlined enterprise device management

In addition to these major updates, VisionOS 1.1 brings a range of smaller enhancements aimed at improving overall usability. For instance, users now can delete system apps directly from the Home View, giving them greater control over device customization. Improvements in discovering and connecting to a Mac via Mac Virtual Display contribute to a more seamless cross-device experience, while enhancements to the virtual keyboard result in improved text input accuracy, boosting productivity for users across various tasks.

Furthermore, updated closed caption controls enhance the viewing experience of Apple Immersive video content, ensuring accessibility for all users. These incremental improvements may seem minor on their own, but collectively, they contribute to a more polished and user-friendly experience within the VisionOS ecosystem.

As the VisionOS platform continues to mature, developers are actively contributing to its growth, with the platform now boasting over 1,000 native apps available on the App Store. This expanding app ecosystem not only enriches the user experience but also underscores Apple’s commitment to fostering innovation within the Vision Pro ecosystem.

VisionOS 1.1 represents a significant step forward for the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem, with enhancements aimed at improving user personas, streamlining enterprise device management, and enhancing overall usability. As Apple continues to iterate on the platform and developers contribute new and innovative apps, the future of augmented and virtual reality experiences on Vision Pro devices looks brighter than ever.

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