Apeiron’s Launch on Ronin: A New Era in Blockchain Gaming

Apeiron's Launch on Ronin: A New Era in Blockchain Gaming

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  • Apeiron has launched four new NFT collections on Mavis Market, including “Planets,” “Stars,” “Origins,” and “Godiverse,” each offering unique gameplay enhancements and opportunities for player ownership within the game’s universe.
  • These collections not only enrich Apeiron’s gameplay experience by allowing customization and providing in-depth lore but also embody the essence of blockchain gaming by granting players true ownership of in-game assets.

The gaming industry is witnessing a monumental shift with the launch of Apeiron on the Ronin network. The event marks a significant milestone in the fusion of blockchain technology with immersive gaming experiences. Apeiron, now available on the Epic Games Store, is not just a game; it’s a gateway to a new universe of gaming possibilities.

The availability of Apeiron on the Epic Games Store is a game-changer for blockchain gaming. The strategic move makes Apeiron accessible to a broader audience, bridging the gap between traditional gamers and the blockchain community. The Epic Games Store, known for its vast selection of games and a massive user base, provides the perfect platform for the company to showcase its unique blend of strategy, mythology, and blockchain-driven gameplay. The launch is a clear indication of the growing acceptance and integration of blockchain technology in mainstream gaming.

Apeiron introducing new NFT collections on Mavis market

Coinciding with its launch, Apeiron has introduced an exciting range of four new NFT collections on Mavis Market, each designed to enhance gameplay and offer players a sense of true ownership within the game. The “Planets” collection allows players to own and personalize celestial bodies, enabling them to create unique ecosystems and environments within the game’s universe. 

The “Stars” collection adds an extra dimension to the game by providing cosmic backdrops and special in-game bonuses, thereby injecting an additional layer of strategy and depth into Apeiron’s gameplay. For those interested in the story behind the game, the “Origins” collection offers a deep dive into Apeiron’s lore, enriching the overall narrative with backstory elements. Lastly, the “Godiverse” collection presents a diverse array of assets and experiences, encompassing various elements of the Apeiron universe. 

These collections do more than just enhance the gaming experience; they also empower players with real ownership of in-game assets, a fundamental aspect of blockchain gaming.

PvP alpha testing and community engagement

To celebrate its new chapter, Apeiron has launched PvP (Player vs Player) Alpha Testing. Owners of Planet or Star NFTs are granted early access to the new game mode, allowing them to engage in competitive gameplay and test their skills against others. The early access phase is crucial for gathering player feedback and fine-tuning the game for a broader release.

Moreover, the company will introduce a PvP Alpha Testing Leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to the game. The leaderboard will not only track player performance but also foster a sense of community and rivalry among players. It’s an opportunity for gamers to showcase their strategic prowess and climb the ranks in the Apeiron universe.


Apeiron’s launch on Ronin, coupled with its availability on the Epic Games Store and the introduction of new NFT collections, signifies a new era in the gaming industry. It represents the harmonious blend of traditional gaming elements with the innovative features of blockchain technology. As the game continues to attract players and grow its community, Apeiron is poised to set new standards in the world of blockchain gaming, offering a glimpse into the future of the exciting and evolving industry.

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