Antivirus mogul McAfee lauds privacy coins

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The United States presidential candidate, John McAfee, has recently praised the progress of privacy coins in the development and advancement of technology. In his recent tweet on cryptocurrency-related issues, the former antivirus mogul McAfee, who also doubles as a crypto enthusiast, outlined the virtues of privacy coins.

In another twist to the tweet, he praised criminals for being the pioneers of the adoption of valuable technical advancements such as automobiles, telephones, and recently the adoption of privacy coins. He said criminals are validating the power of the privacy coins as “authorities are always behind.” In a second tweet to the thread, the antivirus mogul McAfee said the primary factor for authorities being behind in technological advancements is due to “bureaucracy.”

Antivirus mogul McAfee and cryptocurrency

The pioneer antivirus magnate and information technology businessman had been a very critical advocate of the cryptocurrency industry. The antivirus boss once predicted that the Bitcoin would hit the one million US dollar mark by the end of 2020 due to its scarcity. Although he has halted his crypto campaigns due to his presidential campaign for the forthcoming united states elections, he, however, came out recently to lend his voice towards the progress of privacy coins.

Mcafee reneges on Bitcoin hitting one million US dollars

The former antivirus mogul has backed down on his words and promise about the bitcoin’s one million US dollars. In 2017 McAfee made a bet on the Bitcoin that it was mathematically impossible for the crypto to be worth less than one million US dollars by the end of 2020.

Recently, however, the antivirus pioneer and crypto supporter says he no longer sees Bitcoin as a viable technology but sees newer blockchains as better options.


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