Amber Group assembles for machine learning in crypto sphere

machine learning in crypto sphere

Amber Group, a cryptocurrency company, located in Shenzhen, is gunning for machine learning in crypto sphere. They have made a new addition to the ranks. A former Morgan Stanley member has decided to join the Shenzhen based company to reunite with four other peers of his. This reunion will mark the advent of a new era.

Jefferey Wang from Morgan Stanley Asia had been on his time off from the market for the past three (3) years. He isn’t rusted and plans to get his ‘A’ game back in no time- working along with his pals – four of which are the same firm as him, Morgan Stanley Asia (in China), while the fifth has been working as a Bloomberg LP developer ( Thomas Zhu).

As for the rest of the team, Wayne Huo and Tony He have filled in for the two spots – who also have been reporting directly to Jefferey Wang on how things have been running. Michael Wu, Tiantian Kullander, is the remaining member on the team.

The project began in 2015 when all six of these people decided to work on their side project by the Amber Group. Bloomberg LP, Thomas Zhu, has been into machine learning and that pretty much gives away what the group is aiming to use machine learning for crypto sphere. Cryptography, as well as trading and the idea, is as innovative as you’d find it to be.

Machine learning in Crypto sphere

The company started working on machine learning in crypto sphere project during 2017 and has thus been at it full-time. According to Bloomberg, Vancouver will be the base of operations for Jeffery Wang to handle the American branch of the Amber Group.

The Amber Group believes in its innovation and wants to make sure that it leaves a mark on the market. The group explained that they would like to utilize machine learning for trading while the concept is still in its infancy.

Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) will have a better understanding of solving mathematical equations. Due to learning that the machine algorithms will provide – relating older problems with newer ones and thus solving them with ease.

Currently, all mining gear has to look at each of the equations as a new entity thus starting from scratch- but it remains to be seen if this gets implemented. The breaking news is that the world will be getting trading bots to do the trading while the traders are away.

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