Amazon to compete with Facebook and Google in advertising business

Amazon has recently announced that it will be launching advertisement spots on its website and smartphone applications. Amazon is a very successful business platform and its reach is over to millions of people. Many people prefer to buy most of their necessities off of Amazon as well

Many people had reported having seen the testings to be occurring prior to the official announcements. They reported having seen these testings for months on the Amazon application.

The positioning of these advertisements on the website and their range of influence is far better than that of Facebook’s and youtube. The advertisements of a certain product appear on the category page of the products in stock on Amazon’s website and app page. This means that the person looking to buy that certain product will notice that the product is available on Amazon and also in the advertiser’s shop. It means Amazon’s marketing strategy is better.

The trend of advertising digitally via mobile apps and websites is growing gradually. According to a report, about sixteen billion dollars were used for advertising via mobile applications. This trend is said to be twenty-two percent more than last year.

Even though the prices to buy advertisement slots change Amazon is selling its slots for thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) for running the advertisement for sixty days

Amazon is definitely showing that it has a better and more sustainable marketing strategy than other sites like Youtube and Facebook. It is suspected that Amazon is most likely to dominate these sites. But Amazon has been trying to be the first priority for marketers for a long time but a satisfactory result has yet to be shown. From this deduction, we can conclude that Google and Facebook have nothing to fear.