Altcoins vs Bitcoin: LTC, ADA, TRX, EOS price analysis

altcoins vs bitcoin

Bitcoin has been the king of cryptocurrency for quite sometimes and the altcoins vs Bitcoin debate is just as old.

Well, to round things up for you, we are bringing you a review of major altcoins in comparison with Bitcoin.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin – Litecoin (LTC) vs Bitcoin (BTC)

Dubbed as “the Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold”, Litecoin (LTC), traders had so much only got a five percent (5%) boost from the halving event that had traders on the edge. LTC was supposed to make it big after this even but things didn’t turn out as they were supposed to go.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin: LTC, ADA, TRX, EOS price analysis 1Litecoin price chart by Trading View

Currently, at the time of writing, Litecoin is trading at 0.007789 BTC. Litecoin created a triangle pattern and in the short term analysis, it is about to finish it. The chart shows Litcoin to be touching the lows at 0.007 BTC.

Technical indicators show that it seems a good time to be a seller in the market and secure a position. However, things might turn green in the long term for our friends and the buying side.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin – Tron (TRX) vs Bitcoin (BTC)

Tron (TRX) has had a price surge that got is four percent (4.45%) above its standing price.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin: LTC, ADA, TRX, EOS price analysis 2Tron price chart by Trading View

More sellers than buyers have been at Tron since June pulling it down and are suspected to leave it at one hundred and fifty (150) satoshis.

The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) has given the bearish signal for the cryptocurrency in question while TRX currently trades for 0.00000179 BTC.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin – EOS vs Bitcoin (BTC)

A seven percent (7%) increase in its price puts EOS at a sweet spot on the top ten (10) cryptocurrency list.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin: LTC, ADA, TRX, EOS price analysis 3EOS price chart by Trading View

Trading out for 0.0003640 BTC, EOS has been encapsulated in a triangle pattern as well. The MACD for this one speculates an upward breakthrough after the crypto leaves the triangle.

However, technical indicators assign the bearish tag to EOS as well. With the stagnant trading volume. The EOS will likely face a 0.0004 BTC resistance mark by August.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin – Cardano (ADA) vs Bitcoin (BTC)

Cardano (ADA) won this round on this list. Having secured a ten percent (10%) pump to its standing price, it has been declared the victor.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin: LTC, ADA, TRX, EOS price analysis 4Cardano price chart by Trading View

ADA trades currently at 0.000000468 BTC while it is supposedly called bearish due to the MACD showing sell signs on the hour chart.

However, volatility awaits up ahead with Cardano fluctuating in the four hundred and forty (440) to four hundred and eighty (480) satoshi range marked yellow.

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