Alphabet’s Price Target Rises on AI Voice Search Optimism


  • Alphabet’s AI voice search to redefine search norms.
  • Voice search boosts Alphabet’s market dominance.
  • Optimism high for Alphabet’s AI future at Google I/O.

Oppenheimer analysts have raised the price target for Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:) Also, the foundation of the interview is the role of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), the core company of the giant technology Google. The changed figure suggests the company expects that Google will put AI voice search technology deeply into its search, leading to a better search engine early in this quarter. Such alignment highlights Oppenheimer’s sustained optimism in contrast to the broader market mood, where the prevailing sentiment is either neutral to pessimistic toward the performance of its stock.

Using AI in Alphabet, the company tends to be a plus.

The scientists think that individuals can access and search for any information through the integration of AI voice search into Google thanks to this study. This is the opposite of people’s worry that genetic AI (GenAI) can eliminate traditional search techniques. A recent survey conducted on search and AI user behavior revealed that the incorporation of Google’s AI tool, Gemini, into Apple Inc’s NASDAQ: For instance, the trend can be applied to AAPL, ETR: APC, in case Siri would lead to an increase in the number of searches. A survey of potential clients and existing users already using voice assistants stated that the number stands at 31%, with over 50% of the users demonstrating a strong potential to use of text voice searchers over text if the technology improved.

It reveals that the voice search could be a key factor in firmly redefining the overall search count and it represents an area with enormous scope that concerns considerable expansion. People view fast, exact, and comprehensive responses as the fundamental criteria they would like to be met by search engines, and taking into account the opportunities for integration, AI can help to improve the situation.

Bolt the horse of Google by ever-rising dominance

The survey’s statistics point out that Google has firmly established itself as the main player in the search engine industry. Apart from the termination of the contractual provision between Apple and Google for exclusive dealerships, with approximately three-quarters of the iPhone users (75%) showing commitment to Google as their default search engine, regulators must move in swiftly to safeguard the market. 

At the same time, iPhone users might prefer to download Chrome voluntarily to circumvent the default search engine if the iPhone set up search is in the alternative search engine and it’s studies that about 68% of iPhone users can do that. The strong customer loyalty and the preference for Google’s search engine demonstrate the company’s invigorating and indispensable market standing and the regulatory changes may not reduce its leading position.

Alphabet’s strategic leap into AI voice search technology

The main AI advancements anticipated and their positive impact on Oppenheimer stock were well outlined; therefore, Oppenheimer improved its original price target for Alphabet stock by $5 to reach $185, still under the “Outperform” rating. This calculation is driven by a fair value of 24x EPS projections for 2025, which is in line with the common market rule. 

This growth forecast is a reflection of optimism for the future trajectory of Alphabet, with anxiety about search integrity and competition from GenAI slowing down the pace. In addition, the Gernmi I/O event on May 14 is also announced publicly to be the main stage whereby the achievements in Gemini will be presented, thus, it is something that the company should acknowledge.

Foraying into AI voice search technology by Alphabet Inc. through its Google Assistant speech recognition is an unprecedented move, which demonstrates what the future holds for search technology. Oppenheimer’s latest valuation for the stock is higher thanks to the positive analysts on Alphabet’s growth prospects that align with the vision of the firm to not only retain but ultimately expand its share in the search engine market. Nowadays, voice search is the de facto standard of the way users of digital information will interact with it. 

Google and Alphabet’s investments in AI and machine learning will be changing completely the world of searching and information retrieval. The company will ensure that they introduce a variety of new elements that are expected at Google I/O which will be discussed at this event. Nevertheless, most of their investors and some members who are enthusiasts of search engine appliances are specifically interested in knowing about the recent developments in machine learning and search engines.

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