AI Takes Aim at 30% of Finance Careers, Study Reveals


  • A groundbreaking report from FintechOS reveals that 73% of finance professionals in the UK and the USA fear that Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) will render their jobs obsolete.
  • The study indicates that within the next three years, up to 30% of finance careers could be eliminated as companies invest heavily in GAI research and implementation.
  • The age divide is evident, with younger employees embracing AI as a friend, while their older counterparts view it as a formidable foe, highlighting a significant generational shift in attitudes toward technology.

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, a seismic shift is underway, causing ripples of concern among industry professionals. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues its relentless march, finance specialists are bracing for a potential upheaval that could see up to 30% of their careers vanish within the next three years. According to a recent study conducted by FintechOS, the fear is palpable, with 73% of financial industry representatives in Great Britain and the USA expressing apprehension about the looming threat of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI).

The GAI onslaught

Generative Artificial Intelligence, or GAI, stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, specializing in creating original content across various mediums, from text to images, audio, and video. Employing advanced techniques like neural networks and transformers, GAI analyzes patterns in data, producing new output that mirrors the style and structure of the input. Yet, the promising prospect of increased revenues comes at the cost of a potentially significant workforce overhaul.

A staggering 60% of finance professionals believe that the adoption of GAI will lead to substantial job losses within the next three years, threatening the livelihoods of as many as 30% of industry workers. Teodor Blidarus, the Co-Founder and CEO at FintechOS, acknowledges the inevitable reshaping of the workforce, emphasizing the dual impact of revenue growth and job displacement.

In a race to stay ahead in the AI-driven future, nearly every other financial institution is investing in GAI research and implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence. On average, companies in Great Britain are allocating between £800,000 and £1.6 million for this purpose, underscoring the urgency of adapting to the evolving landscape.

The AI generational divide

The generational gap becomes apparent as the study reveals starkly different attitudes toward AI. Younger employees, aged up to 44, welcome artificial intelligence as a “friend,” seeing its potential for innovation and growth. Contrastingly, their older counterparts describe AI as a formidable “foe,” expressing deep-seated concerns about the impact on their careers.

Blidarus urges financial institutions to embark on their GAI journey, emphasizing the need to take the first step, no matter how small, to avoid being left behind. The report hints at a pivotal moment in the financial industry, with AI reshuffling the deck and demanding adaptation from professionals across age groups.

The release of this report coincides with a tumultuous period in the AI market, exemplified by the firing and subsequent reappointment of Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT and Co-Founder of OpenAI. With the industry poised to be worth $2.6-4.4 trillion in the near future, the stakes are high, and the game is played for substantial financial gains.

Can finance professionals weather the storm of technological disruption?

As the financial industry stands at the crossroads of technological transformation, the question looms large: Can finance professionals navigate the intricate dance with AI, or are we witnessing the beginning of a significant shift in the job market dynamics? The generational divide, coupled with the relentless advancement of GAI, adds complexity to an already nuanced situation. Will financial institutions successfully integrate AI into their operations without compromising job security, or are we on the cusp of a radical overhaul in the way we perceive and engage with finance careers? Only time will unveil the true impact of AI on the financial sector and the professionals who call it home.

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