AI Revolutionizing Coal Mining Operations in China

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  • AI techniques ensure the cheap and secure operation of the coal mines in Shanxi, mitigating hazards and managing mines.
  • The AI-powered systems have been proven to drastically cut down the energy costs of the Mataihao mine, leading to at least millions of dollars.
  • The AI development in Shanxi derives from the people’s devotion from related groups, including data analysis, which results in personalized solutions for coal mining

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has completely altered the coal mining industry in Shanxi Province, China. With safety, effectiveness, and sustainability, AI is becoming a tool for transforming the mining of the past into new-technology-based mines for the future.

It should also be noted that manual processes in coal mines and exploration have given way to automation, robotics, and modern technologies. AI-based technologies are leading the revolution of efforts to increase the safety of underground mining work without compromising productivity. Video monitoring and sensor-based exploration for water openings and drainage mitigate accidents, and work is performed accurately and with no time lost for reckoning. As stated by Wen Haiming, the head engineer of Shanxi Chengfeng Coal Industry Co. Ltd., artificial intelligence tools were used during the drilling, increasing the quality of construction and substantially supporting underground mining operations.

The unsustainable growth of smart mine sites.

The role of intelligence mining is getting more popular, especially in the Shanxi province, where technological advances are leading the way. According to the report issued in January 2024, the province had 118 intelligent coal mines and 1,491 intelligent mining sites functioning. Using a successful adoption of artificial intelligence technologies, the operation units of coal mining will attain high-performance rates featuring reduced process, resource consumption, and reduced risks that involve the whole operation.

One typical case is the implementation of an intelligent monitoring and managing system in the coal mine under the Mataihao district of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which was put into operation by the end of 2022. With a smart recognition system and the application of industrial operations technology, the mine has succeeded in real-time capacity optimization as well as intelligent speed control Nie Helei, a member of the electromechanical transport team, confirms the system’s ability to amounts to reduce electricity consumption and equipment loss, which lead to the vast cost-cutting.

Enabling Artificial Intelligence evolution via collaborative processes

The fact that Shanxi Province is full of coal mining companies is indisputable, and as a result, they have been recognized as a leading industry in the country. Consequently, they have cooperatively developed an industrial internet-integrated system that aims to address the challenges of underground mining. This platform is centered around the large AI model used to develop testing a product or a coal mining application for a fast process. Wang Hui, the general manager of Shanxi Jinyun Interconnection Technology Co. Ltd., explains that AI can be employed to combine historical data from 400 mine pits to create AI-driven innovations as well as product iteration.

The high level of support for artificial intelligence applications in the coal industry, given the powerful computing center supplied at more than 200 petaflops and connected to the industrial internet platform, is the best idea for the smart computing center. Along with this AI-driven implementation, the future seems full of potential to bring safety, efficiency, and sustainability to this critical sector of the country, coal mining, which sets an inroads to the new wave of technological progress.

The emergence of artificial intelligence technology in coal mining has turned the industrial landscape of Shanxi province facing down freely, giving birth to a progressive age in terms of enhanced safety, superior performances, and consistent development. As mining intelligence becomes increasingly progressive, mining players and other stakeholders will become the ultimate beneficiaries during the upsurge that expedites the advent of AI solutions into the sector.

Source: https://www.macaubusiness.com/ai-transforms-coal-mining-in-north-china/

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