AI-powered ‘Smart Stethoscope’ revolutionizes heart disease detection in UK


  • Eko DUO’s AI detects heart disease early, potentially saving lives and healthcare costs.
  • Traditional blood tests replaced with non-invasive AI-powered stethoscope.
  • Eko DUO aims to reduce emergency admissions for advanced heart disease.

Groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology is set to revolutionize the detection of heart disease in the United Kingdom, with trials taking place in 100 GP surgeries. This initiative is made possible by a £1.2 million grant from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to researchers at Imperial College London. The project, known as Eko DUO, aims to significantly enhance the early detection of heart failure, potentially saving lives and healthcare costs.

The Eko DUO system in heart disease detection

The core of the Eko DUO system lies in its utilization of a “digital stethoscope” paired with an AI-powered mobile application developed by Eko Health. This combination facilitates non-invasive examinations of patients in a GP’s office. Traditionally, individuals are diagnosed with heart failure when their condition has already reached an advanced stage, resulting in a significant healthcare burden. Eko DUO seeks to change this by detecting heart disease at an earlier, more manageable phase.

Leveraging AI for enhanced detection

Eko DUO relies on the integration of data from electrocardiogram (ECG) tests, which assess heart rhythm and electrical activity, with heart sound data. The system’s AI algorithms then analyze these data sets to identify patterns indicative of heart failure and various other heart diseases. This groundbreaking approach offers the potential to revolutionize heart disease diagnostics.

Dr. Nicholas Peters, Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, expressed the urgency of early detection, stating, “Heart failure admission alone costs the UK over £2 billion annually, and an unacceptable 80% of these diagnoses are made during emergency admissions.”

Transforming diagnosis and treatment

The deployment of the smart stethoscope technology in GP surgeries represents a pivotal shift in heart disease diagnosis. Current diagnostic methods often involve blood tests, which can take significant time to yield results. This delay in diagnosis can impede timely intervention when the disease is most treatable. By contrast, Eko DUO’s swift and accurate detection process allows for immediate follow-up tests and treatment when necessary. This has the potential to reduce the need for patients to visit emergency departments with advanced heart disease symptoms.

Connor Landgraf, Co-founder and CEO of Eko Health, emphasized the significance of early detection, saying,

“This deployment around the UK of our AI-enabled heart disease detection technology demonstrates the need for accurate and early heart disease detection. We’re proud to partner with leading academic institutions such as Imperial College London to validate the clinical utility and positive impact our technology has on the lives of millions of patients.”

The adoption of Eko DUO across UK GP surgeries promises to bring about several notable benefits:

Early detection and intervention

Eko DUO’s ability to identify heart disease at an earlier stage enables healthcare providers to initiate timely treatments, potentially improving patient outcomes and reducing the overall healthcare burden.

Cost savings

By identifying heart disease before it reaches a critical stage, the healthcare system can avoid the high costs associated with emergency admissions and advanced treatments.

Enhanced patient convenience

Patients can receive non-invasive examinations and, if necessary, additional tests and treatments in the familiar and accessible setting of their GP’s office, reducing the stress and inconvenience of emergency hospital visits.

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