AI & Blockchain: Job loss, risks, opportunities and the future

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The combination of AI and blockchain is a game changer for the future. It enables us to move onto a world based on dynamic micro-labor, universal basic income, consumer accessibility, and creativity.

The transition from traditional structures to web2 created opportunities for new fields, industries and jobs that did not exist before. Similarly, blockchain and AI are taking us down yet another path full of possibilities.

Yes, it can be daunting at times to think of one’s job becoming obsolete due to this progress, but it is only natural for people to feel concerned in the face of change. Rest assured that these technologies are creating numerous opportunities as well as challenges – all of which lead towards a better future.

These evolutions make us question how things will look in the future: how will our economy be structured? How will we work? And if inequality or poverty will still linger?

AI alone has already proven its worth in various sectors such as media, healthcare and finance; while blockchain technology has generated entirely new business models such as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. We have only seen the beginning of its potential, and when both combined can lead to revolutionary achievements like secure identity authentication systems with no central authority and more.

The real power lies on their synergistic effects when combined into integrated solutions that allow companies take on global problems and offer unprecedented advantages such as cost reduction or removing redundancy of process/services. Many experts agree that the possibilities become endless when applying this concept in different scenarios that were never considered before.

It’s undeniable that we live through an exciting time where the unimaginable becomes possible thanks to technological advances every day; now more than ever before thanks to AI and Blockchain together paving way for innovative projects beyond our wildest imaginations.

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