New AI Algorithm to Diagnose Diseases with Expert Scientific Knowledge


  • Mayo Clinic has developed a new AI algorithm to diagnose diseases.
  • The approach is called hypothesis driven AI, which is said to be different from traditional AI.
  • The model will be helpful in identifying complex factors contributing to diseases.

Health giant Mayo Clinic has invented a new kind of AI algorithm to detect complex causes of different diseases. The algorithm is called hypothesis driven, which is quite different from traditional AI models. The researchers have said that this type of AI uses a new way of processing huge datasets to identify the reasons for diseases like cancer.

Back in January, AI software developer firms SimBioSys and Aiforia announced their newly formed ties with Mayo Clinic, and both said the collaboration was for developing AI tools for cancer treatment procedures.

Mayo Clinic’s partnership with Aiforia

Mayo Clinic’s team up with Aiforia roots back to 2020, their work was regarding a previously developed AI model that both of them built together. The new model that they were working on recently involved analyzing pathology slides and other data and looking for more than 12 tissue characteristics in patients with colorectal cancer. The task at hand was to estimate the cancer recurrence chances in these patients.

According to Aiforia, the screening of colon cancer recurrence with their new model will provide the benefit of reducing costs that incur because of the expensive chemo drugs and also the side effects of the chemo drugs themselves. As the system will help funnel the chemotherapy use to the patients, it is only expected to have a better impact at most.

CEO of Aiforia, Jukka Tapaninen, said,

“This is the first example of an AI model developed with the Aiforia platform, which is used to assess the risk of cancer recurrence. It is also the first clinically relevant AI model developed with a customer and commercialized by Aiforia. The licensing agreement with the Mayo Clinic enables us to market and sell this AI model for colorectal cancer recurrence risk evaluation globally.”

He also mentioned the co development efforts of Aiforia, saying,

“This is an example of many similar AI model co-development projects, which are ongoing with the Mayo Clinic and other partners. These will enable us to significantly enrich our product portfolio.”

Source: Aiforia.

Mayo Clinic’s collaboration with SinBioSys for new AI algorithm

Mayo Clinic’s partnership with SinBioSys was about breast cancer treatment, to develop new tools for treatment improvement in patients at an early stage. Mayo Clinic has been involved in a long term study, the Beauty trial, the study has been going on for more than 10 years, and recently SynBioSys started to analyze the data to come up with an AI solution for breast cancer treatment focusing on genomic conditions.

The purpose of the SynBioSys tool is to identify a patient’s condition and find the best possible treatment plans, along with drug selection and surgical requirements, if any. The tool is intended to calculate the risk level associated with an individual patient. Virtual simulations of the system were to be carried out with the assistance of experts from the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Li, a Mayo Clinic system biology and AI researcher, says that in order to develop this type of algorithm, specialized knowledge and expertise are needed, which limits its wide approachability. Building in Bias is also possible, so researchers must have an eye to look for any information before incorporating it into the system. However, this new set of algorithms brings together human experts on the subject and artificial intelligence, which is a better way to come up with reliable treatment solutions.

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